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Jeffrey Dahmer Trait Theories


Brooke Alexis Murray

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Jeffrey Dahmer Trait Theories

Trait Theories of
Jeffrey Dahmer Tiffany Conder, Christine Steeves,
Alexis Murray Rational Choice Theory The view that crime is a function of a decision making process in which the potential offenders weigh the potential cost and benefits of an illegal act Psychodynamic A branch of psychology holding that the human personality is controlled by unconscious mental processes developed early in childhood Attachment theory The belief that the ability to form attachments (emotionally bond) with people. They have lasting psychological implications that follow people across their life span. Background born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960
Was a normal child but was shy and awkward.
Was fascinated with animals and was curious about what they looked like on the inside.
dissected them in the woods . Like to look at and feel organs. These actions were exciting to him. Drank a lot because his fantasies traumatized him.
compulsion to kill was strong. tried to stop after the first victim (Steven Hicks)
took pleasure that he had control of his world. drugged and strangled victims because he like the power and he thought it was the most humane way.
preserved parts and had a shrine of skeleton and skulls.
ate flesh. gave him sexual satisfaction. didn't want his victims to leave even after death so he made them a part of him.
13 years of killing, 17 victims, 159 page confession.
sought out forgiveness and seemed to re humanize.
Nov. 29, 1994 killed by Christopher Scarver. (12:18-13:20/ 1:14:27-1:15:20) (15:00-16:30/ 17:25-18:02) (14:36-14:58/ 1:12:00-1:13:32) Interview Youtube.com Jeffrey Dahmer
Stone Phillips interview.
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