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Details/Rules/How to Play Softball

Monika Kelleher

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Softball

Softball Monika Kelleher My Personal Experience The Fundamentals
Teams take turns fielding and batting over the course of seven innings. A team's turn at bat ends after three outs. There are 4 bases, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and home. I started playing softball for Stoughton's recreational teams, S.T.O.Y.A.C. I got involved in softball because all of my friends were playing, so I decided to give it a try. I have been playing softball for 4 years and I plan to keep playing for as long as I can. My Positions I am involved with S.T.O.Y.A.C. softball, my sister plays and I go to her practices and games. I go to support and I try to help out the girls as much as I can. Etiquette of Softball Softball teams consist of nine players. When fielding, eight players stand in positions around the infield, a catcher squats behind the batter, and the pitcher stands on the mound in the center. There are 3 players in the outfield on the grass. Fielding players are responsible for making outs. Scoring Batting Players Attire/Equipment Catchers Attire -Chest Guard: To avoid getting hit in the upper body by a ball
-Helmet with Cage: You don't want to be hit in the face with a softball.
-Knee/Leg Pads: Makes it easier no kneel in the gravel, also to avoid being hit. Batters Attire -A Bat: It is a necessity to have a bat to hit the ball.
-Helmet with Cage: Baseball and Softball players are required to wear helmets to bat in order to protect your head, however Softball players are required to have a cage on their helmets. Personal Success/Failure Video/Citations Attitude During a Game On The Bench/Batting -It's okay to be happy and cheer your team while they're at bat or on the field but be respectful of the other team.
-Do not make rude comments about the opposing team. In The Field -Do not purposely interfere or make the other team suffer. Try not to stand in their path or running to avoid hurting the runner and yourself. Do not talk to the runners on the opposing team in a rude distracting way. Be respectful! -Second Base
-Left Field Success Although I haven't been playing as long as most of the other girls on my team. My personal success is that through the time I've been playing I have got close to the same level as some of the girls on my team. I'm still getting better and I'm not as good as all of the other girls, but I'm playing at their level and making plays and hits. Failure I am still growing as a player and I make big mistakes on the field. A few games ago I didn't get on base and I missed a fly ball. -APA- (LIVESTRONG, 2012) (LIVESTRONG, 2012) (LIVESTRONG, 2012) (LIVESTRONG, 2012) (LIVESTRONG, 2012) (LIVESTRONG, 2012) Be a good sport! Peter Mitchell (2012) Retrieved April 19, 2013 from
http://www.livestrong.com/article/391529-rules-fundamentals-for-softball/ Ryan Haas (2011) Retrieved April 20, 2013 from
http://www.livestrong.com/article/439060-high-school-softball-rules-regulations/ Nazarene University (2011) Retrieved April 21, 2013
from http://www.mnu.edu/intramurals/sports-rules/softball-rules.html Johnny Slacks (2010) Retrieved April 25,2013 from http://www.livingwithballs.com/the-slow-pitch-softball-ten-commandments/ MidAmerica (2011) Retrieved April 25, 2013 from http://www.mnu.edu/intramurals/sports-rules/softball-rules.html (LIVESTRONG, 2012) The coach must submit a batting order with possible substitutions. One batter goes up one at a time and must stay inside the chalked lines called the batters box. The batter must stay in the box or else it is called a foul. You get 3 strikes then it counts as an out. If it is a fair hit the batter must run the bases. If the ball is hit outside of the chalked lines (foul lines) it counts as a foul. Once the batter gets on base they must advance to the following bases in the diamond. Runners are allowed to steal but they cannot steal until the ball leaves the pitchers hand. A runner must run all 3 bases and reach home to score a run. -Uniform: To match with your team and look organized.
-Sliding Shorts: To avoid scrapping up and cutting the back of your legs.
-Cleats: It is easier to run in gravel with cleats on.
-Sliding Pad/Socks:Theses help avoid cuts and scraps on your lower legs.
-Glove: A glove is needed to catch the softball.
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