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Big data for noobs

No description

Santeri Friman

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Big data for noobs

What it really means? Big Data How much data there is in the world? 4V's of big data Where does Big data come in? Big data is a concept created for processing the enourmous amounts of data
Big data helps to solve challenges such as:
Large portion of the data is just noise
Big data separates noise from the useful information
"Normal" database management systems aren't enough Volume
The amount of data grows so rapidly that companies need to find ways to cope with it
Big data helps to analyze high volumes of data
Sometimes data needs to be analyzed very quick
For example computer analyzing
The types of information varies a lot
It can be sound, pictures, videos, log files etc.
Probably the biggest challenges for big data is to make the data trustworthy
1 in 3 business leader don't trust the information they use to make decisions (IBM, 2012) According to IBM we create over 2.5 trillion bytes every day
That is 156 million smartphones with 16GB memory
Over 90% of the data in this world has been created in the past three years
The total amount of data cannot be described anymore with known prefixes
the biggest S.I prefix at the moment is
yotta and that is 10^24 t Big data in practice These days IT-companies hire mathematics and data scientists to analyze big data
Companies can get highly profitable results in analyzing their data
For example in more focused advertising or reviewing social media activity
Data from mobile phones (Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS) can be used to improve public transportation (Jameson Toole)
Big data helps to optimize companies performance
Twitter, Facebook, Google are analyzing every click, upload or update people make. Examples Chevron uses big data to analyze where to mine
Pregnancy equipment suppliers analyzes the phase of a womans pregnancy from the products they buy
Google follows which sites people visits and what they are interested in
Small businesses uses big data to analyze job applications for example Pros: Accurate analysis
Helps decision making Cons: Privacy Questions?
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