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Introduction to APA 6th Referencing


Katharine Stapleford

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to APA 6th Referencing

Barry (1998) argues that consumers would benefit from water charges based on usage rather than ratable value.
Introduction to APA 6th (Harvard) Referencing
Why reference?
as a courtesy to the originator

to show the research and reading you have done

to show you can support your points

to enable readers to follow up and read the original text

to enable yourself to check something later

to get a good mark!

to avoid plagiarism

to support & strengthen your arguments
in alphabetical order of author (surname)

more detailed information

ARCOM (Association of Researchers in Construction Management) (n.d.).
The ARCOM constitution
. Retrieved from http://www.arcom.ac.uk/constitution.php
Katharine Stapleford
Academic Skills

"plagiarise: take and use (the thoughts, writings, inventions, etc. of another person) as one's own" (The Oxford English Reference Dictionary, 1996, p. 1107).
brief information: author & date (page number)
they should match!!
enables the reader to follow up your sources
* bibliography*
author's surname
reporting verb
double quotation marks
page number
According to Barry "inspection chamber is located at those points where drain blockages are most likely to occur" (1998 p.100)
reproduce the exact words/image/music of another person
fewer than 40 words?
40 words or more?
explaining another person's thoughts/words/ideas/statistics using your own words
authors' surname
reporting verb

surname, initial. (year). title. town: publisher
surname, initial. (year). title. In author(s) (Eds) book title pp. (of chapter). town: publisher
surname, initial. (year). article title. journal title vol (no). pp. (of article)
author or organisation (year). title. Retrieved from: full URL
Robichaud and Anantatmula' s (2011)study investigated the relationship between the benefits of green construction and the costs involved, they found that:

Traditional construction methodologies, which are

often described as linear and fragmented processes,

can cause rework later in the project, specifically in

green construction projects. It is less expensive to

address green issues early in the project life cycle than

to work them in during project implementation. (p. 51)
separate block of text.
double line spacing.
no quotation marks.
page number after final fullstop.
Direct quote or paraphrase - which is better?
Mindham, C. N. (2006).
Roof construction and loft conversion
. Oxford: Blackwell
Pizzey, A. (1998). A management accounting perspective. In D. Jennings & S. Wattam (Eds),
Decision making: An integrated approach
(pp.209-231). Harlow: Pearson
Robichaud, L. B. & Anantatmula, V. S. (2011). 'Greening project management practices for sustainable construction.'
Journal of Management in Engineering
, 27(1) 48-57. doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)ME.1943-5478.0000030
use the guide:
check out the website:
to help the reader distinguish between your ideas and those of others
see academic skills on Moodle:
Book an appointment to see one of the Academic Skills tutors for training in:

essay writing
research skills
reading & note-making
presentation skills
reflective writing
time management
academic style
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