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Copy of Dynastic Cycle of China

This tackles China's cycle of dynasties. XD

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Dynastic Cycle of China

Dynastic Cycle of

Weak government brings problems!

New Dynasty comes to power
It has the Mandate of Heaven: the new dynasty claims power from the gods.
The new dynasty creates peace and prosperity and rules its subjects for many generations.
People believe the problems are because the gods do not want the dynasty to have power. The dynasty loses Mandate of Heaven.
But, the new dynasty becomes old!
Peace & Order
= happy and
prosperous population
Emperors are the kings of the dynasty, and they pass power to their sons.
Taxes increase
The power of the
dynasty decreases.
No one controls the floods, because the government can't maintain the canals and infrastructure.
Peasants revolt!
Invasions happen because the government doesn't protect the people.
A new dynasty rises to power and people like the new dynasty.
The favor of the population shows favor by the gods, so the new dynasty has the Mandate of Heaven. The Dynastic Cycle starts again, and continues for centuries.
The dynasty provides protection and the people live happily.
Peace and prosperity show that the gods are happy to have the dynasty in power. This is the Mandate of Heaven.
Mandate of Heaven =
favor of the gods for emperor to have power
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