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The compare and contrast of writing styles in Gulliver's Tra

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Veronica Martinez

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The compare and contrast of writing styles in Gulliver's Tra

The compare and contrast of writing styles in Gulliver's Travels, A modest proposal, Faust, and Sophia
In A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift,Swift uses satire to address poverty and over population, Jonathan Swift also uses irony to discuss the economic and social benefit of killing and eating children without ever giving much thought to the moral problem.
In Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe "wrote the play in order to explore the themes of philosophy, religion, politics, culture, and literature. Goethe engages themes by uniform verse to irregular patterns of poetry to songs, and hymns, to free verse, to Shakespearean blank verses, and even to the simplest rhymes and meters.
While in Sophia she writes about how women are undervalued by men. But instead of using satire like Jonathan Swift, she uses jokes, verbal extravagance, and vigorous colloquial language.
The roles of figurative language in Faust, A Modest Proposal, and Gulliver's Travels.
In Faust we see a lot of imagery and we see this in the different themes Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe uses such as: nature of life and death, science and spirituality and moral ambivalence among others.
A Modest Proposal
Gulliver's Travels
While in a Gulliver's Travels Swift uses satire and irony to insult the bureaucracy of England, and he does this "by using the Lilliputians who take extensive inventory of all of Gulliver's possession's and are prone to make official edicts governing the lives of the citizens.
Gulliver's Travels
While in Gulliver's Travels Swift uses exploration and discovery as one of his themes as well as degrading behavior, foolish experimentation's, and love and kindness of their absence and presence.
A Modest proposal
In a Modest proposal, Swift uses allusions as well as themes for example he uses prejudice, Irish inaction and exploitation of the downtrodden.
Applications to contemporary society
In Sophia she talks about how men should not be inferior to women, and through out the years we have seen how women have run for office and have been successful.
An example of this would be two well known women. One in which was very close to winning the nominations of major party for president in 2008 Hillary Clinton. Another well recognized woman is Sarah Palin who in 2006 became the governor of Alaska and was tapped by John McCain as his vice presidential running mate in his campaign making her the first woman to run in the Republican party's presidential ticket.





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