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The Holocaust

By: Nathan

Nathan Cloud

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocasut What was the Holocaust Why Was the Holocaust Started Who Caused the Holocaust Where was the Holocaust When was the Holocaust Holocaust in Hebrew "Disaster" Jews must be seperated from christians started ghettos Nazi ghetto 1939 1945 Jews must work for nazi Ghettos are sent to death camps Nazis deported people out of ghettos
Holocaust was between 1933 1945 6 million jews were murdered in the Holocaust nazis thought that jews were a threat so sought to kill them Nazi thought that jews didn't belong in the world Discrimination against Jews Holocaust in Germany through Russia Nazis Nazis found them selfs racially superor Other people than Jews were targeted Hitler led Nazis Concentration camps are in Germany and east Prussia took all of central Europe Idea was to separate them Napoleon ended Jewish ghettos Disease spread quikly through ghettos No food in ghettos Gypsies were also discriminated Disabled people where discrimanated Largest Nazi concentration camp Concentration Camps Neuteral Hitler Warsaw ghetto held a third of everyone in Warsaw in 1.3 sg miles Begining of the murdering Nazi Jew IMPORTANT Where the Holocaust Took Place
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