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Factors contributing to successful forum discussions

No description

Sasha Keser

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Factors contributing to successful forum discussions

Factors contributing
to successful forum discussions Moderator Pedagogical role • Creating a good rapport between participants ensuring that they know the correct netiquette.
• Creating encouraging, positive, safe, motivating, supportive and friendly environment
• maintaining the thread of discussion and guide participants to stay on topic
• Asking questions and guiding students, especially if the discussion starts to go off topic
• facilitating and not dominating the discussions.
• Encouraging less active participants by commenting positively to their responses if and when appropriate
• using different activities resulting in trust to a moderator and peers
• giving constructive response and feedback
• refocusing the discussion where necessary
• intervening if necessary, for instance in the case of lurking or inappropriate netiquette
•encouraging brevity Social role •encouraging the participants to start new social forum or initiate one in social space
•encouraging collaborative learning Managerial role •forming small groups, to avoid long and potentially confusing discussions
•allowing forum discussions have their natural flow without too many restrictions
•overcoming the tension between keeping forums focused and developing the online community for benefit of education aspects
•being a guide, monitor, instructor, consultant, assistant - offering support, directions and providing resources and materials
•making sure that all participants respect the most important rules
•Weaving comments and questions into the forum threads where appropriate Technical role • setting up synchronous discussions (not just written)
• providing access to information Participants • feel free and safe to share information,
• be concise and succinct with the effect on the reader (the social community) in mind
• discuss different issues
• contribute and take an active part in all components of the course
• socialize through exchange of ideas
• respect the most important rules: to participate regularly,
to measure carefully the length of the posts and to have constantly in mind that the forums of the course
are not the only place and way of interaction.
• be aware that everything they write should be useful and
relevant piece of information for their colleagues
• not expect to be ‘spoon-fed’ Tasks • relevant, meaningful and motivating
• cause participants to reflect and build on existing knowledge
• learner-centred
• based on critical thinking and problem solving
• based on real life context and thus be engaging to the learner
• clearly stating what is required of the learner
• carefully constructed tasks that don’t provide unwieldy responses
• aimed at meaningful and authentic knowledge
• based on the participants' different learning styles
• have clear aim, purpose, focus Ways to manage tension between
keeping forums focused and engaging
whilst maintaining and developing
online comunity
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