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Teaching Careers

No description

Montserrat Sánchez Venegas

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Teaching Careers

And with 6 years of experience as a teacher?


Teaching Careers
TEACHING: Career Information
Teaching people is rewarding
Knowledge is a key factor in development.
Constructing new generations based on knowledge.
A teacher's job is all about sharing.
A teacher is a lifelong learner
University of Concepción
Foundation: May 19th 1919
Faculty of Education's Dean: Oscar Ricardo Nail Kroyer.
Management: Sergio Lavanchy (rector),
Address: #1290 Víctor Lamas Street (Concepción Campus).
Type: Private (with State contributions).
Participants. Camila Espinoza R.
Rodrigo Aguilera A.
Matías Correa C.
Montserrat Sánchez V.
Grade. 4th grade H.S.
Teacher. Miss Jaqueline Muñoz O.
Date. September 23rd, 2014.

do teachers
Pedagogy: The art and science of teaching.
Why considering to become a teacher
University of Bío-bío
Requirements to become a teacher
To be an English teacher
Physical education teacher
Minimum score required: 500.
Last score: 594,20.
Minimum score required: 500.
Last score: 500,70.
Minimum score required: 500,00
Last score: 580,60
Minimum score required: 500,00
Last score: 507,6
Academic Path
Foundation: September 29th 1988.
Faculty of Education`s Dean: Marco Aurelio Reyes Coca.
Management: Dr. Héctor Guillermo Gaete Feres
Address: #Andrés Bello street , without number, box 447 (Chillán Campus)
Type: traditional (public-state owned)
Career's table of content
Most important subjects

Last score: 529,75
Minimum score required: 500,00
How much does it cost to study in Chile?
Private university: $1.564.000 (annual)
$ 156.400(monthly)
Public university: $1.782.000 (annual)
$178.200 (monthly)
Last score: 508,10
Minimum score required: 500,00
First enrolled: 648,90
Suprasegmental Phonetic
-Public education

-Private education
Occupational field
Monthly Salary
Most important
Starting salaries
First-year teacher:
$ 339.168
$ 600.886
$ 989.692
Most important subjects
Introduction to history (Hardest)

Colonial history of chile (Interesting and didactic)
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