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Along the Tracks

No description

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Along the Tracks

Yankele's Life Alone
Yankele survived multiply years on his own with little support from adults. He did get help from other kids.
To stay warm in the winter he would sleep in coal piles that were left over from the trains and were still burning on the inside.
He eventually found his mama and his little sister, Sarele.
Yankele's Friends
Basic Facts
The main character in this book is Yankele.
The book never says when he is born althought the book takes place during World War Two.
His parents are only referred to as Papa and Mama.
Yankele's only sibling is Sarele, his younger sister.
Yankele was born in Poland.
Once World War II started his family made their way to Siberia.
They lived in Siberia for one winter.
Then they moved it a small town called Crimea in Russia.

My book,
Along the Tracks
, was written by Tamar Bergman and was translated by Michael Swirsky to English from Hebrew. My book is two hundred forty-five pages long.
Along the Tracks
While Yanekel was lost he made many friends. His friends would help each other out. They would go around as a "pack" and they stole food for each other. A few of his friends names were Grisha, Miriam, and Korasatch.
Yankele's Ealry Life
My Opinion of Yankele
My opinion of Yankele is that he is very brave. He lived on his own for multiply years at the age of 8. I also think he is very smart. In order for him to survive, he had to think outside the box and think of new ways to get food. Yankele is also a positive person. He did not give up and he kept going.
A young boy in Poland During WWII
A painting of Yankele
A picture of children during WWII
A group of Polish kids during WWII
Yankele's Help
Yankele's Journey
Once Yankele was on his own, there were few people who helped him. The First was Sergi. Sergi also got left behind when the train left. He helped Yankele get to a nearby train station. Another person how helped Yankele was the blacksmith. He shaved Yankele's head when he had lice. The biggest help to Yankele was from Pesya. She was a woman that work at a market. She know Yankele well. She told him that woman from Lodz, Poland was looking for her son Yankele. Pesya told Yankele that she was at the train station selling goods. Yankele went to the train station and found his mom.
Yankele's journey begins when WWII starts. His family moves from Poland to Russia. On the way, they slept in barns and in ditches. They would made their way on trains. They would sneak onto freight trains with empty cars. The trains would stop at places where the Germans bombed the tracks. They would jump off the trains and run because the planes would come back and try to bomb the stopped trains. This is how Yankele got separtered from his mama and sister. He got off the train and ran, but he didn't make it back to the train Before it left.
A picture of a blacksmith from WWII.
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