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Wildlife Conservation

The Biotics Biology

Octavia McLean

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation
Tyra Cole & Octavia McLean
The Biotics What if your habitat was destroyed and you had no place to go? Or you were killed by humans? How would you feel? What is Wildlife Conservation? Wildlife Conservation is the science or act of analyzing and protecting the Earth's biological diversity; it's plants and animals. What is the problem? The main problems with wildlife conservation are habitat loss, poaching, and culling. Habitat Loss When people build houses, animal habitats decrease. Poaching Poaching is the act of illegally hunting or catching an animal. When animals lose their habitats, their population decreases also. It's becoming a huge problem. Animals are used for cooking, clothes, cosmetics, and other things. Culling The act of reducing animal population by killing. The main animal that is being killed are elephants in South Africa. The population of elephants increased tremendously, so culling was reintroduced Culling was banned in 1995 in South Africa. What can you do to protect wildlife conservation? Help take care of their habitats. Become a member of a wildlife conservation organization. Volunteer at organizations or zoos in your area. Recycle, recycle, RECYCLE! Stay informed about animals in your area and around the world. Wildlife Conservation Society WCS is one of the major wildlife conservation organizations. Founded in 1895. Manage 500 conservations projects in 60+ countries. Manage five conservations parks in NYC. Acts & Laws There are many different laws and acts for wildlife conservation. The main acts are The Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Endangered Species Act, Eagle Protection Act, and Wild Bird Conservation Act. The Affects of a Poor Wildlife Wildlife is very important on earth. Without it we could lose all of the wild animals that we know today! There could be a series of droughts that can kill thousands of fish and aquatic animals
The beautiful trees could be chopped down by humans or die
Polluted oceans
Thousands of wild animals could die when their range of tolerance is disrupted because of the bad climate that we are causing
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