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Down Syndrome

No description

taylor koontz

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Down Syndrome

Impact your life
Down Syndrome
interview with Jeremy Meyer
my dad!
what are some things you cant do with DS?
famous people
Do people with DS have good jobs?
Definition- A disability that will cause you to have problems in physical development and mental abilites.
how to treat it
Are people with DS capable of doing thing that normal people do?
small head, ears, and

short neck with extra skin
at the back of your neck
a cell will travel through the
body damaging the cells tissue
then normal cells exit for the
healing process which the body
is continually repairing.
normally a child gets 23 chromosomes
from each parent but this child gets an
extra one which changes the material in
brain and body development
they have t0 enable the cells

there is no danger of the body’s rejection of Fetal Stem Cells due to the fact they have no antigenicity (cellular fingerprint). This unique quality eliminates the need for drugs used to suppress the immune system, which can leave a patient exposed to serious infections.
down syndrome cause delays in all areas
of development. each child is different
so they have different strengths and
weaknesses. programs will help the child
develop more for the learning disabilities.
Judith Scott, artist
Chris Burke, American actor who portrayed
“Corky Thatcher” on the television series
Life Goes On
Max Lewis, actor (Notes on a Scandal).
Edward Barbanell, played Billy in 2005′s The Ringer
Depending on the level on down syndrome, there are some
companies that seek help of people with down syndrome
but they wont pay much!
I think people with DS can do many things but thinking, communcating and reacting as clearly and quickly as those without the disease are a couple of things they cant do.
yes and no, depending on the individual

Chris Burke
Judith Scott
Max Lewis
Edward Barbanell
Chris Burke
Max Lewis
Judith Scott
Jeremy Meyer
interview with
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