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Berlin Wall

No description

Cheyanne Hatcher

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall/Brain Drain
It was caused by the soviet Russia who controlled the east side of Germany and the Germans, who lived under Soviet Russia's rule, trying to escape.
Who Was Involved?
The Push factors from the Berlin Wall emigration was that they wanted to escape the rule of Soviet Russia. The pull factor was that they could have freedom and better jobs.
Push and Pull Factors Involved
It was Voluntary because the East Germans wanted to escape from tyranny of Soviet Russia.
What type of Migration?
Where Did it Take Place?
It took place in Eastern Germany and in Western Germany where they moved.
Its a Historical Event because it had started right after World War 2 ended and Germany was split into two sides.
Time Periods: Is it Historical or a Current event?
It is the tenth law of Ravenstein's "Laws of Migration" in which East Germans were being poorly paid and wanted better jobs. The economy was dragged down due to the Communist influence of Soviet Russia
Which of Ravenstein's "laws of Migration" Fit this event....evidence of it...
Its Innovative Migration because they didn't want to hang onto the rule of Russia they wanted to be free from it.
Did this Become an Innovative or Conservative Migration?
The Berlin Wall separated east and west Germany. But in East Germany they wanted reunited with loved ones and out of Communist rule. It lasted August 13, 1961 from November 9, 1989. Leaving people poor and without freedom if they couldn't escape
Why was it so important and what were lasting consequences?
World and Regional map
A.East Germany is 111.9(69.5 miles) kilometers away from West Germany.
B. About 60% of migrants are below thirty years.
C. It was urban cause east germans wanted to have more jobs.
D. 55 % of most migrants that emigrated over to west Germany were female
Patterns to Analyze
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