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Big Bang

with cute layout keke

Sara Dadafshar

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Big Bang

Timeline 2012 2006-
2007 2007-
2009 2009-
2010 2011 Daesung >Born April 26, 1989
>Was recruited in an audition
>was jokingly known as “unpretty boy” among the staff
>Attended high school at KyeongIn High School but dropped out after a year to focus on his activities with Big Bang.
>Admitted into Kyunghee University in 2008
>Since his debut, he has released solo singles, performed in musicals, and became a member of reality-variety series Family Outing.
>Was diagnosed with voice chord nodules and struggled with his voice
>Developed sociophobia and stage fright.
>Was able to recover with the help of Gummy, who had been diagnosed with the illness previously.
>He stated that although he was worried about dampening the group's image, he wanted to try something different.
> Daesung released his debut trot single in 2008 and his second one in 2009 Not sure what goes here... Background: > South Korean male group
>Formed in 2006 under YG Entertainment
>after MTV-K released a reality show
>Consists of 5 members:
>G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong)
>T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun)
>Taeyang (Dong Young Bae)
>Kang Daesung
>Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun)
>Potential member Jang Hyun Seung
>>Was cut on the reality show
>>is now a member of Beast Heart Breaker G-Dragon >Kwon Ji-Yong
>>G-dragon: Ji sounds like G & Yong means dragon in Korean
>Born August 18, 1988
>Went to Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School and KyungHee University
>YG trainee for 6 years
>Leader of Big Bang
>Composed and wrote several tracks by himself
>>"Lies," "Last Farewell," "Haru Haru."
>Released solo album during Big Bang's hiatus in 2009
>>>accused of plagiarism Throughout the years... Seungri >Lee Seung-hyun (Victory)
>The maknae (youngest in the group)
>Was a member of a dance team in Gwangju before joining Big Bang
>He first appeared on tv on the reality show Let's Cokeplay: M.Net Battle Shinhwa
>>(a show in which Shinhwa attempted to create a boy band that could be a "second Shinhwa".)
>>>Although he was noticed for his dance skills, his lack of vocal skills led to him being eliminated.
>Later scouted by YG Entertainment and joined Big Bang.
>>Cut on the ninth episode of the group's documentary series
>>>Given another chance to impress YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and succeeded
>Seungri released his first album "VVIP" in 2011.
>Was accepted into Chung-Ang University but ended up on academic probation several times and ended up dropping out. Big Bang Rise to the T.O.P: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri By: Sara Dadafshar Work Cited: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang_(South_Korean_band)
http://bigbangsarang.blogspot.com/2008/01/big-bang-biography.html >Debut on Aug. 19, 2006 at Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park during the YG Family 10th Year Concert.
>>TV debut on Sept. 23, 2006.
>Group's 1st single, Bigbang, released soon after.
>>"We Belong Together" ft. Park Bom
>>"A Fool's Only Tears" ( )
>>"This Love" (adaptation of Maroon 5 song)
>Group's 2nd single, BigBang Is V.I.P, released in September.
>Last single, Bigbang 03, released afterwards.
>First concert (The Real) held at the end of December 2006 .
>Debut album, Since 2007, released in January.
>>sold 48,000 copies by February. >Second album, Hot Issue, released soon after.
>Band became hospitalized due to overworking in 2007 and had to halt activities
>Ventured off to Japan after for overseas promotions.
>>Started producing Japanese songs
>Released their follow up album, Remember, which
had their number one single "Sunset Glow".
>Won second Artist of the Year award Solo Activities:
>Collaborated with 2ne1 and sang "Lollipop".
>Released first Japanese album in 2009
>My Heaven and Gara Gara Go
>GD released his album, Heartbreaker
>Taeyang released Wedding Dress and Where U At? to promote his second album release
>TOP joined the cast of Iris
>Daesung and Seungri went around hosting random shows in the meantime Tonight - Alive This Love~ Taeyang: >Dong Young-bae (aka Sol)
>Born May 18, 1988
>Recording artist and entertainer
>Daejin University in Theater & Film
>Began training under YG Entertainment at the age of 12 alongside G-Dragon
>Debuted in 2006 after six years of vocal and dance training
>Released his debut mini-album Hot in 2006
>Released his first full-length album titled Solar on July 1, 2010
>He had his first kiss in the MV My Girl. Wedding Dress Taeyang E. Asian 155 >G-Dragon and T.O.P later released the album GD & TOP in 2010.
>In 2012, G-Dragon released his second solo album, "One of a Kind."
>G-Dragon's influence extends beyond the music industry.
>Shaped major trends in South Korea.
>He is a known fashion icon
>Has won many awards throughout the years
>Was involved in a marijuana scandal back in 2011 One of a Kind The Beginning: >Choi Seung Hyun
>Born November 4, 1987
>Seoul Art College (Majoring in Music) Dangook University in Theater & Film (2008)
>Has acted in various dramas and films, including I Am Sam, Iris, Nineteen and 71: Into the Fire.
>Underground rapper in the group Tempo before involvement in Big Bang
>G-Dragon's childhood neighborhood friend >Auditioned for YG but was told he was too
>lost 20kg in 40 days as result
>Started a side solo career in 2007
>"Turn It Up" 2010
>“Until now, I have only dated 3 people. I’m not dating anyone right now.” -T.O.P Turn It Up >On May 31, was involved in a car accident in which a motorcyclist died.
>>Was cleared during investigation but halted activities for the time being and spent his time volunteering
>Has had multiple solo songs, including "Baby Don't Cry" and the newest one being "Wings". What Can I Do >Released their album Tonight
>>reached top 10 on US charts
>>only non English album to ever reach top 100
>>The album beat TVXQ's pre-order record
>Won the 2011 MTV EMA's "Best Worldwide Act" award as representatives of the Asia-Pacific region with over 58 million votes.
>released their third Greatest Hits album The Best of Big Bang on December 14
>In 2012, Alive was announced
>over 260,000 preorders in under 2 weeks
>Held their worldwide tour in 2012
>awarded three awards at the 14th Mnet Asian Music Awards, including Best Male Group and Artist of the Year.
>G-Dragon, also received the Best Male Solo award at the event
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