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Harvard University

Study Skills Presentation

Vivian T.

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Harvard University

Harvard University
Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts
The acceptance/admission rate is 6.3%
The total cost for everything is $56,000
The average amount for financial aid is $34,482
(near Boston)
Housing options available:
* coed dorms
* apartments for married students
* apartments for single students
* special housing for disabled students
* cooperative housing
There are a
The total student body size 27,392 people.
Harvard rankings are...
#1 National Universities
#1 Neuroscience / Neurobiology
#1 Best Business School
#1 Best Medical School: Research
#1 Best Medical School: Physical Care
#1 Physics
#1 Political Science
#1 Biochemistry / Biophysics / Structural Biology
#1 Economics
#1 Pediatrics
#1 Internal Medicine
(Just some of the many.)
*447 registered clubs & organizations
*Air force ROTC (M.I.T.)
*Army ROTC (M.I.T.)
*Navy ROTC
*undergraduate men in fraternity
*undergraduate women in sorority
ROTC= Reserve Officers' Training Corps
John Harvard Statue
Harvard "Mall"
According to Ms. Sharpe
Harvard University Shield
Harvard University is a prestigious, private, Ivy League university founded in 1636. It's gorgeous campus and high rankings have led many students to choose this college.
"Everything is a constant competition"
"At Harvard, everyone's a leader"
"Amazing food and gourmet menus"
"A place that makes people feel like they should be extracurricular superstars as well as academic"
"Million student groups"
"Love the sense of community"
"Best thing about Harvard is the people you meet"
"Cambridge is a fantastic city"
Harvard University is a prestigious college with a great community and campus. This extraordinary university creates VERY talented and knowledgeable leaders for the future.
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