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Blended Learning

No description

Lauren Zafrin

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Blended Learning

Blended Learning Bethel Public Schools
R.M.T. Johnson
Matthew Correia
and Lauren Zafrin What is blended learning? Is it all about technology? How can we create life long learners? How does Blended Learning impact student learning? What does it look like in our schools? Student Centered An integrated approach to teaching and learning that includes multiple modes of instruction and student practice. The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model fosters the Blended Learning Initiative... Student Centered
Individualized Impact
Development of 21st Century Skills Active instead of passive
Responsibility and accountability
Internalized understanding of information
Customized and differentiated curriculum Small groups
Personal Learning Plans
Guided Practice
Inquiry Based Learning Focus is no longer on the old style of teacher centered classrooms or lecture-based lessons. Technology provides digital content and helps with the development of skills while the teacher is able to deliver a more in depth lesson and application of the concepts. Learning is self-paced and student centered. Technology is used as a vehicle to move learning to the next level of thinking. Students play an active role in learning.

Students are responsible and accountable for their own learning.

Students have increased autonomy and independence.

Curriculum is customized and differentiated to better meet the needs of each student. Choice! What is
Student Centered Learning? Teachers providing direct instruction & small group learning episodes.

Appropriate measures of technology are used to support individualized instruction.

Students further their understand while also challenging and expanding their current levels of understanding through guided practice. Modeling of thought process and how to extend learning
Sharing in thought process and working together to create new learning
Time for collaboration, student practice, and internalization
Challenge students to extend thoughts, confirm ideas, build knowledge, and develop new learning
* Student Centered Individualized Impact 21st Century Skills Active instead of passive
Responsibility and accountability
Internalized understanding of information
Customized and differentiated curriculum High interest and engagement
Builds autonomy and independence
Individualized content and pace
Opportunities to provide acceleration, enrichment, and further exploration Creativity
Think and imagine critically
Solve real world problems and find creative solutions
Depth within thought and application process
Increased levels of collaboration Persevere within difficult tasks
Use technology appropriately
Challenge previous thinking
Consider possibilities
Reflect upon new thinking
Share thought process Brainpop, Mission US, SkillsTutor and United Streaming for notetaking, exploring topics, furthering understanding

Moodle for journaling, blogging, collaborating with peers, debating, and critiquing

Prezi, PowerPoint, Comic Life, for presentations

Go Math components online to further apply strategies from class, practice problems, and review modules

Lessons providing students with application time to critique and assess the reliability of various websites Blended Learning in a 5th grade grade math classroom

Students are working in partnerships on classwork while students rotate laptops to use Itools, Soar to Success, or Animated Math Models. Miss Mancini's class taking blogging to the next level!

-"paper" blogging
- used Ipads to explore various blogs from around the world
-complete digital citizenship requirements with mastery of appropriate "blogging" techniques Students have...
* created their own blog pages
*created goals for technology and classroom standards - are supporting each other
*creating academic relationships in responding to class-related blogs
*blogging with students in New Zealand and discussing curriculum topics with respects to various viewpoints, ideas, and perspectives Questions ?

Comments ? What do the students have to say about blended learning? https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do







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