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Ship Identification System

No description

Menuka Ishan

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Ship Identification System

Ship Identification System
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Proposed project title
Ship Identification system

Project Supervisor
Mr. G.K.A. Dias

Project advisors -
Mr. K.D. Sandaruwan
Group Members
R. K.J. P. Rathnayaka
H. M. A. U. Bandara
G. S. V. M. Ishan
G. K. L. Abayawardana
H. M. T. B. Wijesuriya
B. M. A. P. Wimalarathna
A. S. F. Rumana
Ship Identification System (SIS)
The SIS project is capable to detect vessel types such as cargo ships.
Problems we found
Videos are recorded
extract data from the video
review is Time consuming task
report generation
human resources
Human errors
Goal and Objectives

• Identify vessel type such as cargo ship by the geostationary image stream.


• Train a classifier to identify ships.
• Approximately get geostationary location.

Users of the System
The person who operates the all
functions of the system with admin option.
Functions to implement
Identifies the vessel type.

After cargo ship detection, message will be pop up with an alarm.

View history.

Main deliverable of the system
• When a CARGO ship is detected by the geostationary camera, system will produce a pop up message with an alarm

• System updates database automatically after identified a ship

• Can search how ships are located in given time range
Resource,software and hardware requirements
Hardware requirements
Geostationary camera or RECORDED VIDEO STREAM
PC hardware requirements
i3 processor or greater
500GB hard drive

Software requirements
• Linux Ubuntu operation system
• Opencv library 2.4.9
• Qt creator

Software requirements
open-cv library 2.4.9
Qt creator
Visual studio
Analyzing video stream from a geostationary camera or Recorded video stream within certain area .
System Operator
The person who generally operates the proposed system
Maintenance staff

The person who fix the system when bugs occur.

similar systems
Face detection systems
Vehicle detection systems
Thank You !
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