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The American Dream in the 1970's

No description

Maggie Whitesell

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of The American Dream in the 1970's

What Was Happening
US Troops the Vietnam War.
Fighting for women's rights.
Disney World opened.
The VCR was invented.
Pong came out in 1972.
Double digit Inflation
Unemployment rates rose.
Gas prices increased.
People were buying more stocks and interest rates went up.
Catholics and other Christians began coming together as to opposed to be isolated.
The National Conference of Christians and Jews was founded.
Cults became a factor in people´s lives (the KKK).
Watergate Scandal - President Nixon used spies to find out information on canidates, his spies were arrested and Nixon was charged. Gerald Ford replaced Nixon, and eventually President Ford's downfall was led to due to his forgiveness to President Nixon's crime
Iran Hostage Crisis
The Supreme Court made abortions legal to any mother needing to abort her baby for any reasons unless the baby was viable.
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The AMerican dream in the 1970's
By Brady Everhart, Korinne Talley and Maggie Whitesell
Everhart, Talley, Whitesell
Elvis Presley died
The Beatles broke up
The first Starbucks opened
Disco trends were popular (bell bottoms, disco ball, etc.)
Early heavy metal music
Movements of anti-war, civil and animal rights, and hippie culture were happening.
The American Dream in the 1970s was to live a peaceful life. In the 1970s, family was focused on and so was latest trends in music. Hippies were popular and everyone needed to work hard for what was essential to live. Economics infulenced everyone because most people invested their money in stocks and interest rates increased. Part of the American Dream for everyone, no matter the race or religion, was for everyone to come together in peace. The Watergate Scandal affected people's lives by showing everyone that we still had a long way to achieve the American Dream.
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