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#5 Imperialism

No description

David Kays

on 17 July 2018

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Transcript of #5 Imperialism

Meiji Restoration 1868-1912
aided by West to modernize & westernize nation
: colonization; conquering a weaker country. The area is known as a colony
Imperialism in Africa 1800s-1914
Imperialism in China 1800s-1914
Opium Wars: Britain sells opium to
China; loses land on eastern coast
Imperialism in Japan
from 1600-1854, Japan was largely isolated;
little contact with outside world
#5 Imperialism
Causes for Imperialism
*raw materials needed for
making goods in factories
Imperialism in India 1800s-1914
Britain ruled for almost 200 years
*during 1800s, Britain, France,
Germany, & Italy took over lands
in Africa and Asia.
White Man's Burden
": poem by Rudyard
Kipling; goal to civilize & Christianize
Social Darwinism
: idea it was natural
for strong countries to take over
weaker countries; "survival of the
Scramble for Africa
": 90% of Africa taken
over by European countries

spheres of influence
: areas where
trade is controlled by different
European nations
Sepoy Mutiny
: failed native rebellion
to gain independence from Britain
Boxer Rebellion
: China fails to remove
all westerners and gain independence
Commodore Matthew Perry
: 1854
US opens trade with Japan
*Japan adopted customs & techniques of West;
changes govt., military, ed., technology
*Japan grows into powerful & modern nation;
Japan begins to take over other nations in Asia
*with factories, Japan now needed
raw materials; with few native to
Japan, they invade Korea & China
Berlin Conference
(1894): Europe carves
up Africa with artificial boundaries; no
Africans were invited to meeting
: Britain rules over India
directly; don't trust local
rulers after Sepoy Mutiny
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