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Music In This Area

This presentation is about Music in the northamptonshire/warwickshire area

Jenny Ansell

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Music In This Area

Music In This Area Northamptonshire County Orchestras and Bands there are many different orchestra it ranges from Junior Strings up to the Youth Orchestras you have to audition to get a place in any of the orchestras Out of hundreds that audition, only around 90 people are selected for each orchestra
for windbands, less places are available Warwickshire County And Area
Orchestras And Bands You do not have to audition for a place in an area orchestra like in northamptonshire, the warwickshire county orchestras also have to be auditioned for Some of the area orchestras are bigger than the county ones because of theaudition need Daventry Music Centre moving onto ... We meet every saterday morning at 9:30,
early or what?no lie-in:( There are four different sessions and you choose what you do at the beginning of the year Personally i do Orchestra, flute choir, wind band and chamber strings My group of friends at my orchestra, the CJO Crew, have so mch fun there, every thursday It is really fun and everyone is friends with everyone :) To a different county... Something a bit different, closer to home... Thank you for watching my Prezi. I enjoy music very much... I hope that even if you dont, you still learned something new By Jenny :) x
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