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Tunnel Books

A brief informational presentation about tunnel books.

Ms. Brennan

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Tunnel Books

Tunnel Books
“When one does not understand a language; the language becomes a wonderful design. English is text but to me it is also beautiful forms of shapes and patterns.” ~ J. Sim
“As an international student English has been a big challenge in my life as a second language” (left page). ~ J. Sim

“My mind would go blank as if pieces were erased from the textbook” (right page). ~ J. Sim “I am intrigued by the concept of travel - physical movement from point A to point B, and travel through time and space.” ~ R. D. Burton

“My books explore the layers of consciousness and sub consciousness through which travel is experienced.” ~ R. D. Burton Lincoln Tunnel
R. D. Burton Sun Young Kang
In Honor of My Grandmother's Simple Life
Kate Leonard
Windows Out Of Walls Laura Davidson
Tunnel Vision
Linda Johnson
The Old Lady who
Swallowed a Worm Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756) Tunnel Vision Books
$14.95 (CAN $20.95), Ages 8-12
Four-color interior, 6 3/4 x 6 1/4 in. References http://www.rdburtonbooks.com/index.htm







http://www.janasim.com/index.html {1600’s) Showmen carried peep show boxes on their back. These boxes contained cardboard cutouts and featured various subjects such as, religious, historical, and mythical scenes. These were large and intricate boxes that had changeable views at the pull of a string. {1700’s) Improvements in printing were made, and smaller home versions of the peep shows were created. Panels in these home versions were designed to fit into slots and were not permanently attached. {1800’s) Concertina hinges were used, and panels were permanently attached to these hinges. The peep show boxes during this time, celebrated major events, and this trend continued into the 1900’s. While some people do not see historical peep shows as true artist books, others argue that making them requires bookmaking techniques and materials. Edward Hutchins states, “Artist books should not be defined by past interpretations of what makes a book, but by what is currently envisioned and produced by contemporary book artists.” Jana Sim
Jana Sim
F A tunnel book is a book that uses perspective and depth to draw the viewer into the book from the outside. Pages are layered and separated by space. Windows are cut into each page to reveal the next.
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