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Research Associate

No description

Ana Moniche

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Research Associate

Thanks for your attention! Presentation prepared for the position of Research Associate
At Ana Moniche Compilation and treatment of statistical information Tourism Demand Analysis Tourism Supply Analysis Tourism and Territory Tourism and the Economy Tourism Demand forecast - Flights (arrivals and departures) 152,787 entries per month 13,293 entries per season received monthly - Reservation of slots in airports for forthcoming seasons Tourism demand analysis Tourism demand forecast MSAccess Accommodation database
More than 4,000 entries x 40 fields Tourism Supply Analysis Direct tabulation Arc View e-mailing online surveys Analysis of tourism demand Validation
of data Policy Making

Better-informed decisions for private sector

Further Research Some findings Identification and definition of the population Identification
of variables studied Distribution of the population previous year Distribution of the sample Design of questionnaire Design of SPSS database Fieldwork Weighting SPSS syntax writing Tabulation
of results Quantitative Analysis of Tourism Demand in Camping Presentation
of results


Diagnosis Target population was tourists travelling in Andalusia, choosing camping accommodation. Being a tourist a traveler taking a trip to a main destination outside his/her usual environment, for less than a year, for any main purpose (business, leisure or other personal purpose) other than to be employed by a resident entity in the country or place visited. A visitor (domestic, inbound or outbound) is classified as a tourist (or overnight visitor), if his/her trip includes an overnight stay. (UNWTO recommendations) Profile
Travel expenses
Opinion Number of tourists and occupied beds at you establishment Number of beds occupied during same period previous year Number of beds and method of booking Occupancy Rate for this holiday period this year and previous year Have you stayed overnight? Tourism product/segment identification Activities carried out Gender Country of residence Spanish Region of residence Number of nights Size of the travel group Type of accommodation Total expenditure at origin Items of expenditure at origin Total expenditure at destination Items of total expenditure at destination Yesterday´s expenditure Items of yesterday´s expenditure Internet use Degree of loyalty Competitors Opinion Desire to return and tourism product wishing to consume Specific module for camping Sun and Beach tourism Cultural Tourism
Senior Tourism
Youth Tourism
Rural Tourism Framework Demand Survey Estimation of the demand
Behavior 2011 size - questionnaires: 20,441
1st Qtr 4,492
2nd Qtr 5,165
3rd Qtr 5,754
4th Qtr 5,030 Analysis of tourism products/segments MICE tourism
Wellness tourism
Golf tourism
Nautical Tourism Cruise tourism Camping Tourism Our clients: Andalusian tourism sector & policy-makers Descriptive analysis
Integration of different data sources
Interpretation of results identify
external opportunities and threats,
internal strengths and weaknesses,
key issues and challenges to address provide the sector with a clear understanding of the situation Compilation and Treatment of statistical information Tourism and Territory Tourism Demand Analysis Analysis of tourism demand Easier quantification framework for camping demand
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