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Prometheus VFX Breakdown

No description

Callum Giles

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Prometheus VFX Breakdown

Scott Free Productions
About the film
It is a SCI-FI film based in Ridley Scotts Alien universe 30 years before the events of first Alien film.

The idea for a fith film in the Alien universe started in 2000 with ideas being exchanged between Ridley and James Cameron.

Due to other things taking priority it only stayed an idea, until in 2009 when Ridley gained interest in the project once again.

Many arguments have been made as to weather or not it is a official direct prequel to the Alien films however it is widely viewed as a prequel as the events do lead loosely into the first Alien film.

The Alien universe
The Alien film franchise consists of 7 films as of now.
Alien 1979
Aliens 1986
Alien 3 1992
Alien Resurrection 1997
AVP 2004
AVP Requiem 2007
Prometheus 2012
20th Century Fox handled the Distribution of Prometheus

Scott free productions (owned by Ridley Scott) and Brandywine productions (a company that has produced all of the films in the Alien franchise) Co-Produced Prometheus.
The film is set around the idea of finding our creators

A team of scientists set out into space to find what they believe are the creators of the human race

They follow what they believe are clues left by our creators, But when they land not all go's according to plan.
Who did the VFX for Prometheus?
Multiple VFX production houses worked on Prometheus ranging from major sequences and scenes to simple heads up displays and holographic technology.
Prometheus was co-produced by both Scott free Productions (owned by Ridley Scott) and Brandywine productions (a company that has produced all of the films in the Alien franchise)
20th Century Fox did the distribution for Prometheus like they did for all of the other Alien films.
Who owns Scott Free Productions and how do they operate?
Scott Free Productions is a British film and tv production company owned by none other than

Ridley Scott
and his brother
Tony Scott

This company was formed in
under a different name however it was changed to Scott Free Productions in
Scott Free Productions often operates in conjunction with other studios to produce films on all scales and sizes ranging from Hollywood epics to smaller lesser known films

This had led them to produce upwards of 40+ films since 1980 including TV films and Documentary style pieces
Products of Scott Free Productions
Scott Free Productions has produced many films of varying genres
The fact that Fox 20th Century Fox handled the distribution coupled with the massive amount of hyped caused by the film allowed the film to receive a wide release.
It had an estimated budget of 130,000,000 not as much as the first two Alien films or a few other films produced by Scott Free Productions
This may be due to the third and forth alien films negative reception.
Meaning behind the film
The meaning or message that Prometheus is trying to portray is somewhat unclear and is often debated with ideas ranging from religious ideals to the idea that Ridley Scott was simply expanding his universe and exploring ideas around creation.

The controversy surrounding the film mostly stemmed from religious groups mainly christians interpenetrating the film in a specific way that showed it to disregard god.

The controversy comes from the fact that in the film it is indicated that we were created by a race of higher beings not a god and that these beings were not happy with the way humanity had progressed and planned to wipe the slate clean and start again using a chemical weapon. This idea removes the idea of a god.
Weta Digital
Weta is one of the many VFX houses that worked on the film. This is not the only film they have worked on however for example they have worked the Lord Of The Rings franchise as well as Avatar.

Whilst working on Prometheus they created things such as shot for shot doubles of actors as well as alien attacks and disturbing meta-pod sequence.

As Weta is a huge VFX company there is compition in the form of other companys like:
Industrial Light & Magic
Double Negative
Framestore London

These are some of the other large VFX companies that do VFX for films, they have worked on things like The Harry Potter franchise as well as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

The film is rated at a 15 as it contains strong violence, gore, threat and horror. This rating shows that the film defiantly aimed at older target demographic. This is is not really a surprise as all of the other Alien films have at least a 15 age rating with the early films being 18s.
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