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Sandra Art Show

For Sandy Sand!!! Because I suck at posters!!!

Akeyla B

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Sandra Art Show

First Off
I just want to congratulate you on a
successful art show. I had no doubt it
be amazing! Your a wonderful friend
and an even extraodaniary artist and I hope you are ( *cues pun* )

This is Your Time
"I wasn't able to make it to the show, but I wish you all the best. Remember to have a blast and send some pics of your work if you can. Good luck ^.^

- Rohan Verma

" You go gurl!!"

- Melissa N.

"Great artist amazing friend"

- Blondie

"I bestow upon your palms the will to succeed with the power of my link band network, use it wisely, though you will probably be fine without it :p . Best of luck :) "

- Shyan

Sandra Art Show
"Live, Laugh, Learn!"
"Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make your life extraordinary!"

To Sandra
From : Zach
"The art show was great totally worth wasting exam time for p.s great job sandra your art work was amazing "

"Art may not be my calling in life but it sure is yours! I tried to make a poster for you and it did not go well...I am not proficient in making straight lines with rulers nor do I have focus and patience for such tasks... So I made a slide show instead :D I have a high level for respect for what you do, you are TALENTED GIRL!! And I am immensely proud to call you my friend and my special Sandy Sand!
- Akeylie
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