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Why you must read Morlvera by Saki.

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Fer Rivera Glez

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Why you must read Morlvera by Saki.

Ma. Fernanda Rivera González Poster about Morlvera Why you must read Morlvera by Saki :) These are some of the reasons why I think you must read Morlvera.
I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did. Here I'm going to present you why you should read 'Morlvera' wrote by Saki.

The story is set in the Edwardian society in the early XIX century in England, the way Saki created such a wonderful characters that are very different between them, the prejudices that this society used to have, the manners and costumes that rich people used to have and, of course, the sarcasm that Saki included in every story he wrote are some of the main reasons but for me these are the most important three... Victorian society was very selfish and also very different between classes. If you read 'Morlvera' you will immediately notice it and realized about the way people used to think that time. Reason 1: Literature has always been important but there are some periods where it also has influence in the people who lives there; for example in Morlvera when the kids invent that history based in the novels their mom read. Reason 2: Like I fist said, if you read Morlvera you will be able to understand how people used to live in the Victorian England. Besides of spending a great time reading this entertaining story you will learn a little bit about the history of England. Reason 3: "As a matter of fact, two poor children, Emmiline, aged ten and Bert, aged seven, had stopped on their way to St James's Park. They did not like her much because she was rich and they were poor."

Saki, page 48. For example: "Emmeline gave the doll a terrible reputation; she got her ideas from the conversations of her mother's friends about romantic novels."

Saki, page 48. For example: "Victor, if you say such rude things about your cousin, you will go to bed the moment we get home, without tea."

Saki, page 54.

"Because she had such a terrible expression on her face, Emmeline gave the doll a terrible reputation".

Saki, page 48. For example: Click in the video to see some pictures of the society that time :) Some people say that this music was play in the Titanic consequently this music belongs to the Edwardian era that is the one where the characters lived. So can play it to enjoy much more the poster. ;)
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