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Sexual Abuse

No description

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Sexual Abuse

Where Sexual Abused occurs
What is Sexual Abuse???
Why and How people who were sexually abused are treated differently.
Places in the world that DO NOT accept Sexual Abuse include:
England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, California, and New York.
In these places the abuse is known as a statutory crime. It is illegal and known as sexual violation in New Zealand. In Canada, United States, and Australia it can be known as sexual assault which is also illegal.
In 2012 alone out of 1,550 reports of Sexual abuse (rape) made 1,243 of the cases were made in Malaysia. 3 out of 10 Nigerians say they know a victim of rape. On January 22nd 2013, a poll with 500 Nigerians stated that 99% of Nigerians believe sexual abuse is common in some way. The sexual abuse that occurs in Pakistan is very severe. The frequency of Sexual abuse is so great there in 1992 out of 60 sexual abuse cases 20% of them included police officers.
Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse
By: Idil And Naomi
Sexual Abuse is......
unwanted sexual behavior
otherwise known as molestation
forced upon someone else
When the victim is younger than 18 (younger than than the age of consent) it can be called CHILD sexual abuse.

“Child sexual abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education"
-Whether you are rich or poor, it doesn't matter who you are it can happen to anybody.
Sexual Abuse happens all over the world.
We are however focusing on
The United States
Almost everywhere Sexual Abuse is illegal. However there ARE places in the world that ACCEPT Sexual Abuse.
The places that accept sexual abuse include:
Opinions on Sexual Abuse
-The disapproval of sexual abuse has increased over the past generations
-Organizations such as RAINN and CCASA have reinforced the disapproval of sexual abuse
-Politicians in countries such as the USA have made these laws because they feel that sexual maltreatment should not exist.
Reasons why sexual abuse still happens in the world
Why Sexual Abuse still occurs
-"35% of convicted molesters use threats of violence to keep children from disclosing the abuse" Ohio Department of Corrections, 1992.
Prevent the victim from telling someone else.

-Many people believe that forced sexual behavior is okay whether the other person likes it or not. These people don’t think this action is considered rape.

-Got abused before. Maybe they seek revenge and decided to try it.

This happens in some places but not others for certain reasons:
-The laws in certain countries
-Almost everywhere the abuse is illegal but specific details may change. This changes whether or not sexual abuse occurs
Why does the abuse happen in some countries but not others? +the laws in the USA that have to do with Sexual Abuse
Laws in the USA:
(There are 3 levels of sexual abuse)
Level 1:
If there is any type of body harm, no physical violence =10 years maximum in jail.
Level 2:
If the offender has or threatens to use a weapon, has tried to cause harm, or the abuser is accompanied by other people =14 years maximum in jail.
Level 3: (Aggravated)
If the abuser uses a weapon, uses it to cause injuries or endangers lives =life maximum in jail.
People who were sexually abused are treated differently because their life is changed forever by this one event.
-For example John was a boy scout and at 14 he was sexually abused by his boy scout leader. if someone who not sexually abused had a problem they could get the help the needed with just saying I have a problem
How people who were sexually abused are treated differently.
How Sexual Abuse and the opinions on Sexual Abuse have changed over time.
-Willing to come forward and speak about their stories.
-Between 1990 and 2000 sexual abuse declined 40%.
-Laws against children being sexually abused are being enforced more in the US
-For example in 1992 in the United States, there were 109,060 cases of rape while in 2012 in the United States, there were 84,376 cases of rape.
-Now, there is even an organization RAINN, (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) “nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.”
Our Opinions on Sexual Abuse
We think that sexual Abuse and child sexual abuse should not occur in this day and age.

We believe that everyone should treat others the way they would like to be treated. We don't think
would actually want to be sexually abused.
In conclusion, people’s view of judgement regarding sexual abuse has changed in the last 10-20 years positively. Sexual Abuse still occurs in the USA and around the world but the amount of the abuse is decreasing. and With the help of the many people against SA, sexual abuse will eventually become extinct. God willingly in countries around the world who do not have laws about sexual abuse will enforce these laws soon.

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