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Imaging Literature

rebeca salas

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Anthem

Anthem by: Ayn Rand 1. Notice how the orange teddy bears stands out from the rest. He is similar to Equality, because unlike every body else, he was different. This shows that he wants to be different than the others and not just roll with the crowd. Individuality 2. Symbolic meaning of mirrors When the Golden one first saw her reflection in the mirror, she was shocked because she thought that every looked the same. Mirrors were not allowed because they would reveal that every person had a different appearance, when they thought that they were all the same. And the council wanted everyone to be the same. 3. The Uncharted Forest
Ooooo..... Spooky :o When Equality ran into the forest, I was reminded of Snow White, well because if you've seen the movie theirs a forest. Anyways, when he spent his first night in the forest he was scared because he didn't know what to expect. He later realized that the forest was nothing but a beautiful landscape. People feared the forest because they didn't know what it was like. They thought it was dangerous. The Uncharted Forest! 4. And the Light Bulb was Born! Ding' When Equality first discovered electricity, he was amazed and wanted to share his discovery with everyone but held back because he wasn't sure what the council would have done if they found out about his discovery. Light can represent many things for many people. It can symbolize truth, honesty and revelation. In this story, it represents the truth. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! 6. FREEDOM! Freedom! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! Free At Last ! Dare To Dream In the end, Equality and the Golden one found their freedom. They discovered that they can become their own person and not just be part of a group. Equality found out that he can become a Free-Spirited individual. He began to speak the forbidden word " I ." And said the sacred word EGO. Braveness! Equality was a character who was full of Bravery and Courage. He was a person who spoke out to the world and shared his ideas with everyone, even though he knew he would get beaten and neglected, he didn't care. Loveeee! 5. Equality and the Golden one fell in love at first site. It was true love from then on. She showed she truly loved him by following him into the forest. 7.
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