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Master Harold and the Boys- Themes

Charli, Graham, Isabel & Skyler

Charli Odenwelder

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Master Harold and the Boys- Themes

Master Harold and the Boys Themes There are many themes presented in this play such as... Introduction Master Harold hires two black people as his servants. this shows that in that time, racism was socially acceptable. this adds tension to the story between the characters. Racism There was an attempt to ban black education completly, but official legislation decided to monitor what and how blacks were taught. Education in the Apartheid Education The policies of the South African government there was a certain amount of hatred and anger between whites and blacks.
The characters also have to deal with the anger and hatred toward other characters. Anger and Hatred The society was constructed by anger and hatred in the apartheid; blacks hated whites and whites hated blacks. Anger and Hatred in the Apartheid http://henriksenenglish.wikispaces.com/file/view/masterharoldboys.pdf
Master Harold and the Boys book Sources During this period of time, black people were considered inferior thus not allowed the "white" standard of education. Wisdom is present in the elder black character while, the young white character is portrayed as naive and ignorant. Hally is not only being taught in the schools, but his "caretakers" are teaching him life lessons, and how to become a man.
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