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Nick Mallender

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Ghana

Evidence of Culture Diffusion
Image by Tom Mooring
Impacts of Culture on the Land
What is Ghana?
Folk Culture
Gender Roles

Ghanaian culture allows multiple religions which sparks conflicts, resulting in damages to the land
They eat lots of stews which creates a demand for vegetable farms throughout the country
Fish is a popular food, making the amount of fish available more scarce, creating unbalanced ecosystems
A thumbs up is
like the middle finger.

Soups and stews are one of the most common foods eaten due to the abundance of vegetables and seafood in the area
Banku is a native dish containing fermented corn and cassava dough
Ewe drumming is common and involves drum ensembles who perform sophisticated rhythms
The type of music is separated by the part of Ghana that you are in (North/South)

Taboos and Cultural Norms
In Ghana using your left hand to do things is considered offensive.
The official language is English
Another common language is Twi
Use phrases in English that do not mean the same thing as they sound like
Soccer (football) is the most common sport in Ghana, and their nation's team is called "The Black Stars"
One example of diffusion is the official language being English
Many foods from Ghana have moved from multiple places to other parts of the world
People buy Ghana's soccer gear to support and represent their team
Do not say anything bad about Ghana because they take it personally.
Folk Culture
Using your left hand to do anything is considered offensive.
Soccer (football) is the national sport
The Ghanaian team is the "Black Stars"
They are the only african team to have won an olympic medal. They came in third place, winning bronze
A country in western Africa located on the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Guinea.
Capital is Accra.
Economy is growing quickly.
Has a lot of natural resources.
Men are greatly favored.

Hard Work/Labor
Household Jobs
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