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Never Let Me Go - Chapter 8

No description

gowsiha kannan

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Never Let Me Go - Chapter 8

Theme - Growing Up
The students in Hailsham are growing up and they start to realize that they are different. One of the students in Kathy’s class said that, “[…] we had to remember was that the guardians were “normals” (Ishiguro 96). This tells us that they know that they are different from the guardians in Hailsham.
Never Let Me Go - Chapter 8
Lies and Deceit
In the book it constantly shows the guardians keeping secrets and hiding things from the kids

“[…] her face was flushed, but there were no traces of tears. She stared at me, then put down her pencil… I think I made some apology and went out, half expecting her to call me back. But she didn’t” (Ishiguro 92)

This tells me how Ms. Lucy was hiding something about the kids at Hailsham but did not say.

Also this shows how the kids have been taught to not question anything that makes them curious.

“It’s better to tell the truth and make someone cry then to tell a lie and make someone smile”
Character Development

“I went over and sat down on the grass behind him, putting my back against a fence post. This couldn't have been long after that time I'd shown him Patricia C.'s calendar and he'd marched off, because I remember we weren't sure how we stood with each other”(Ishiguro 93).

“But around the spring of the year I'm talking about now, I started to think I wouldn't mind having sex with a boy. Not just to see what it was like, but also because it occurred to me I needed to get familiar with sex, and it would be just as well to practice first with a boy I didn't care about too much. Then later on, if I was with someone special, I'd have more chance of doing everything right” (Ishiguro 98).

Tommy was mad because Miss Lucy told him that creativity is important
He was jealous of the art work drawn in the calendar.
He was changing again, and Kathy was the only one who noticed.
She wants to experience sex
This relates back to the theme growing up, Kathy is changing and her feelings are growing stronger.
Plot Development
and Analysis
Connections To The Real World
People in the real world don’t except their selves as who they are. They usually want to change their selves to fit in. They usually want to be someone else, and have someone else’s life. However, you won’t be happy without accepting yourself.

The life lesson I want you to take from this connection is the “the secret to happiness is the acceptance of yourself” (Jonathan).

True Colors
And I'll see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you

This song relates to our chapter because in this chapter Kathy realizes there is something wrong with Tommy. So she see's Tommy's true colors when other people don't.
By: Akash and Gowsiha
Thank You For Listening to Our Presentation
The students in Hailsham are learning about sex, which shows that they are getting more mature and that they are growing up.
1. Kathy finds Ms. Lucy quite 'angry' about something in room 22

- Ms. Lucy is usually in a good mood, somethings wrong

"[...] but Ms. Lucy was alone near the back... She herself was leaning over in concentration, forehead very low, arms up on the surface, scrawling furious lines over a page with a pencil." (Ishiguro 91)

- This shows that Ms. Lucy was not in a good mood
- She is a guardian, meaning it's bigger than just her being mad
- Kathy probably sense fear that something bad might happen in Hailsham
Plot Development
and Analysis
2. Ms. Lucy tells Tommy about being creative again

- Tommy gets pretty furiated at this fact
- Tommy loses his stances in life and feels he wasted time when he should have been more creative

"[...]something significant
happened only a few days after I'd seen her in Room 22-something between Miss Lucy and Tommy that had left his upset and disoriented." (Ishiguro 92)

- This shows that Kathy really cares for what happens to Tommy and the way he feels, this becomes a problem with communication in their relationship.

Plot Development
and Analysis
3. Kathy feels the need to have sex with someone

- Shows that she has these curious feelings about 'sex' just like all young people do
- Kathy has the urge to do it with someone just like most kids at Hailsham were practicing it

"I realise this may sound like I was getting obsessive, but I remember I also spent a lot of time re-reading passages from books where people had sex, going over the lines again and again, trying to tease out clues." (Ishiguro 99)

- This shows more of Kathy being human because these emotions, the awkwardness and the curiosity, and this makes for her realistic characteristics
- This shows that the guardians have left the kids to learn about themselves and about the situations they will experience in the future.
Connection To The Real World
Do you know how it was when someone hid something from you and thought it was to ‘protect you from knowing’?
Personal connection to my life about lying:

- When I lied to my parents and hid the truth about something

- Scared of punishments and you parents getting mad.

- Parents had found out for themselves about this problem.

- Guilt and fear I had from keeping this secret

- The regret and depression I got after they found out.

This helps me feel what Ms. Lucy might have been feeling to keep secrets from the kids for the sake of ‘protecting them from the truth’.
Chapter Question
Find examples of foreshadowing in these chapters and discuss their narrative significance

“As I watched, she went on scrubbing the pencil point over the paper, almost in the way we did shading in Art, except her movements were much more angry” (Ishiguro 91)

With Ms. Lucy being one of the most caring, and truthful guardians she must be furious about something that will happen to the kids.
How is Kathy and Tommy’s relationship
further developed in these chapters?
- Kathy is comfortable being around Tommy
- Happy for his happiness and always checking his mood

“[…] at this stage his mood seemed just fine, tranquil even.” (Ishiguro 94)

“[…] but there were times when I got seriously worried he was turning back into the award and changeable figure form several years before.” (Ishiguro 92).

This shows Kathy further devolving their relationship by caring for Tommy.
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