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The Enneagram: Journey to Self Discovery

No description

Tammy Kothe-Ramsey

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of The Enneagram: Journey to Self Discovery

The Enneagram: Journey to Self Discovery
Tammy Kothe-Ramsey, Janie Simmons,
and Robb Wood

History & Acceptance
Before Pythagoras
Religious Communities
Philosopher Gurdieff
Growing in Popularity
RHETI - Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator
WEPSS - Wagner Enneagram Personalty Style Scale
Reliability and Validity
- Cohen's Kappa Coefficient: 0.76-1.00
Concurrent Validity
1st test: Alpha Consistency Coefficient:
Range of 0.368 for Type 9 to 0.782 for Type 5.
2nd test: Range of 0.628 for Type 9 to 0.815 for Type 5.
Predictive Validity
-Cohen's Kappa Coefficient:
1st test: 0.284
2nd test: 0.403
Comparing the Enneagram to Millon 8 Personality Patterns and Myers-Briggs Inventories.

Client Consideration
Adults 18+, Male or Female
Numerous Applications and Purposes
Social Work
Business (production, marketing)
Spiritual applications
Many more!
Bland, Andrew. (2010). The enneagram: a review of the empirical and transformational literature.
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expanding worldviews using the enneagram personality typology.
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Yee, Soung. (2013). An experiment of using enneagram for the analysis of the relationship between the
team formation and the performance. Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences. 5 (17),

Personality Typology
Reveal an individual’s worldview, the choices they may make, their values, motivation sources, common reaction to others, and how they may respond to stress.
Nine-point map that identifies worldviews or paradigms.

Individual tests purchased at www.WEPSS.com
must have a Paypal account

Bulk / hard copies and CD can be purchased at

Format and Administration
self-report assessment
Likert scale format
paper and pencil
Nine Personality Types:
1. The Good Person
2. The Loving Person
3. The Effective Person
4. The Original Person
5. The Wise Person
6. The Loyal Person
7. The Joyful Person
8. The Powerful Person
9. The Peaceful Person
Raw scores
Resourceful score
Less resourceful score
Percentile scores
Core style
Wing style
Stressful style
Relaxed style
Group activity to follow
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