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Business Plan

No description

Sandra Hernandez

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

Projected Monthly Material Expenses
Projected Yearly Gross Profit
Financial Plan
Chart from spread sheet
Business Plan:
Nayeli Dondiego
Sandra Hernandez
Omar Alhasan

Stallion Motors
Stallion Motors is determined to be the best used car dealership in the business
To provide luxury vehicles at competitive, yet affordable, prices.
Provide Financing for all credit situations
Provide 100% customer satisfaction
A 3 Months Powertrain warranty on each car
Online Customer chat option

Market Size
Picture from CarVoyant

A diversity of affordable, high quality, used cars
Service: Financing options for customers for approval of auto loans
Before getting put for sale, each car will be fully inspected.

Competitive Advantage
Marketing Objective
Market and Sales Strategy
Multiple financing options for customers approved for auto loans
We will work with local lenders to get approved for the best rates in Texas.
Will have a 30 day warranty for every car
Every vehicle will undergo inspections before offered to sale
Will have public access to online inventory

The focus of our marketing strategy is to attract prospect buyers with our luxury inventory.
Customers are more comfortable to shop online and contact us when they are ready to buy.
Main focus is to get a buyer interest through our website that is why we are dedicated to providing detailed photos and descriptions of our vehicles.
Work Cited
Management and Responsibilities
Products and Services
Major Suppliers
Customer Profile
Market Growth
competitors strengths and weakness
Marketing Strategy
Start up cost:
Budget Cars-
Office Supplies-
Marketing -
Legal -
Rental Deposit -
Gas expenses-
Summary of financial Projections
Cash Flow-
Break Even Analysis- (expected gross profit)
Balance Sheet Projections- (budget car projections an increase of net worth first year

Our potential customers:

Families- safety, space, used for long trips, and in budget for affordability
Students- flashy looks, affordable, safety, and economical
Retirees- affordable because of low income, long lasting
Uses of Funds
Loans and floor plan
The DFW metropolitan area recorded the largest increase in the nation from July 1, 2011, to July 1, 2012, adding 131,879 people, according to U.S. Census Bureau
Dallas Business Journal says that auto sales are up 6.8 percent across Dallas-Fort Worth, with 81,877 car and truck sales.

Population grows and so does the need of cars.
Dallas has created low paying jobs making it less likely to afford a new car
Customers look for quality cars that are at affordable rates.
According to Dallas News, new car sales have decreased and used cars businesses have a greater advantage than dealerships.
The average selling price of a new vehicle was nearly $32,000 last year, compared with $18,000 for a used one.
More people are willing to stay tight with their money, wanting affordable cars
Sell used luxury cars
Lease office space with a lot with enough size to house roughly 40 vehicles.
Office space with a few office rooms to meet with customers for financing paperwork
Upload photos of inventory to websites: Autotrader.com and Cars.com.
Main focus to generate interest in inventory through websites.
List each of our vehicles with complete detail to avoid any miscommunication
Online access to our complete inventory will aid in driving in profits for our company
First year we plan to expand our lot and increase sales this increasing our inventory. To do so, we will increase our marketing and make Stallion Motors a well known, reputable used car dealership.

Inernet Advertising :
Consists of advertising and selling vehicles on AutoTrader, Cars.com, and Craigslist.
Advertise in Websites
Will have company Webpage
Printing Flyers and distributing them to local car washes and repair shops.
A diversity of affordable, high quality, used cars
Obtained by suppliers:
Local Car Dealers
Car Auctions
Service: Financing options for customers for approval of auto loans
Before getting put for sale, each car will be fully inspected.

Sales in used cars:
2013: $41,000,000
2012: $40,500,000
2011: $38,792,169

Online dealerships have been more and more common. This is primarily because of the low costs associated with the company. While other dealerships have to pay their sales people, and also maintenance of their lot and properties, online sellers avoid these costs.
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