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On-Demand Writing

Basics to organizing your writing

Scott Melton

on 22 August 2018

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Transcript of On-Demand Writing

On-Demand Writing:
It's all about being organized and a good thinker!
1. Stand Alone Prompt
a. Narrative or Argumentative
b. Choose between two prompts
c. 40 Minutes to complete
2. Passage Based Prompt
a. Informative, Explanatory, or Argumentative
b. Mandatory one prompt
c. 90 Minutes to complete
Learning Target: I can write arguments to support claims with clear and logical reasons.(P)
Where should I start? How should I start?
Always start with PAM, she will help you out.
P - purpose (Why are writing? To inform? To Explain?
To argue?)
A - audience (To whom are you writing? (Writing to the
President should be different than to your personal
M - mode (What form are you writing in? (A letter? An
editorial? A blog? An article?)
6 Box (Paragraph) Organizer
Box One - Introduction
Hook - Have you ever been fishing? Did it look like this?
Thesis: A statement declaring what your entire
piece is about. Don't ever use, I believe, or I think.
Tell us, be bold, be strong.
Three points: 3 reasons that support the truth of your thesis.
Conclusion / Transition: moving smoothly into your
argument, explanation, or your giving of information.
Speed bumps?
Let's Practice: A proposal has been brought to the School Council that they, the school, should buy iPads for every 6th grade student at Campbell County Middle School. Your writing task is to write a letter to the School Council and make a case (claim) for your position on this proposal. - Write an introductory paragraph.
Trade with your elbow partner and do the following:
Put a * by the hook
Underline the thesis or claim
Number the points
Circle the transition

Score them on a scale of 1-10, 10 meaning it is great and 1 means they have no clue what they are doing. Write your reasoning for your score on their paper. Don't be nice.
Box Two: Point One
1. Point One
2. First Supporting Reason of Point One
3. Example of First Reason
4. Second Supporting Reason of Point One
5. Example of Second Reason
6. Third Supporting Reason of Point One
7. Example of Third Reason
8. Point One / Transition
Box Three: Point Two
1. Point Two
2. First Supporting Reason of Point Two
3. Example of First Reason
4. Second Supporting Reason of Point Two
5. Example of Second Reason
6. Third Supporting Reason of Point Two
7. Example of Third Reason
8. Point Two / Transition
Box Four: Point Three
1. Point Three
2. First Supporting Reason of Point Three
3. Example of First Reason
4. Second Supporting Reason of Point Three
5. Example of Second Reason
6. Third Supporting Reason of Point Three
7. Example of Third Reason
8. Point Three / Transition
Box Five (Argumentative Only): Counter Argument
1. Restate your thesis in other words
2. Explain that even though you know your thesis is correct that other people may believe different than you about this topic.
3. Give an example of what other people may believe.
4. Explain why your thesis is correct and those other people are wrong
Box Six: Conclusion and Call to Action
1. Restate your thesis
2. Restate point one
3. Restate point two
4. Restate point three
5. Give a Call to Action
Box 2,3, and 4 are each called a 3.8 paragraph.
3 supporting reasons with a total of 8 sentences.
(Sounds harder than it really is) This is when you need
to be a good thinker.
Let's practice: Take one of your points from the
iPad situation and try to write a 3.8 paragraph. It may
be a little hard right now but it will get much easier each
time you try it.
Here is mine:
When a middle school buys iPads for the incoming 6th graders it helps propel those students to become 21st Century learners. Modern day technology, in this case iPads, is a vital part of the real world that all students must learn and live in. Simply look at the Principal and / or the Assistant Principal as they walk around the halls of Campbell County Middle doing classroom observations using iPads. As students engage in learning, iPads will help students in this process because it is the language they already speak. Students love technology and are using it at home on a daily basis and by bringing iPads into the classroom, it will help the learners be more comfortable and creative. Buying iPads will help students collaborate and problem solve, which are 21st Century skills. Apple has already developed many applications that would force students to create (iMovie), problem solve (brain puzzles), and collaborate (Historical Simulations). Buying 6th grade students iPads will help move the students of Campbell County Middle School into 21st Century learners.

Here is my introduction paragraph:

Do you really care about your students? Do you want the students of CCMS to receive the best education possible? Campbell County Middle School Site Based Council should buy iPads for each of its incoming 6th grade students. By purchasing iPads for each student, Campbell County Middle would enable its students to become 21st Century learners, it would be investing tax payer money wisely to provide the best education possible, and the school would save money in the long run. Buying the iPads should be a foregone conclusion if Campbell County Middle School wants to provide the best education possible for its students.

If you don't know what your are going to say or
if you fail to organize it you may sound like this
Hook: Purpose is to catch your readers attention
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