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No description

Nur Afiqah Razlan

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Introduction

Perfectionist Laundry Cafe's Proposal
assist customers who are unable to complete house chore

help our customer in all season, especially during the monsoon season.

provide cafe and free Wi-Fi service to all our customers.

provide employment opportunities


To offer customers with competitive rates, convenient, clean and friendly laundry service.

To provide laundry services with good standards operate in clean surroundings
To keep customer’s clothes free of dust, dirt or any other materials that may sully the clothes
To provide quality laundry service by trained and friendly personnel
To give customers with quality service at the minimum price

Goals and Objectives
Operational Costs
a) Offering client full-service washing and drying
Anticipated result

survey conducted around Shah Alam on laundry services
laundry shop that available there:
far from their homes.
take a long time to wash customer’s clothes.
not satisfied (unhygienic and clothes damaged)
provide a self-service laundry that operate for 24 hours.
Statement of Need
Statement of Needs

provides a café for customers while waiting for ready washed their clothes.
provide a cafe bar with a delicious desserts and various type of refreshing beverages.
It is proposed that a Perfectionist Laundry Café project will be carried out in May 2016 in Shah Alam.
Goals and Objectives
The approximate costs for this Perfectionist Laundry Café is as follows:

To provide mini café bar to generate more customer value

To serve customer with best quality of dessert and beverages
To enable customer relax while waiting for their clothes
To provide customers a friendly service

Laundry Cafe
Dryer Washing Machine
Washing Machine
Steam Ironing
Dry Cleaning Machine
Coffee maker Machine
Tables and Chairs
Description of Business
Operational Hour
10am until 10pm
Self-service Laundry
Saturday : off
Target Customers
Nearby residents
Main competitors
Shamimi Dobi
Self-service Laundry at
INTEC UiTM Shah Alam
The company would be hired a well trained staff to ensure optimum customer service is provided and would prepare a well thought out business model addressing market demand
Competition, although there is a significant differentiation between the competitors
There would be a chance of business growing since a large market was targeted and a large market demand as everyone has dirty clothes
There would be a threat from customers as majorities prefer to do their own laundry at home
b) Providing 24 hours self-service coin-operated machine
c) Resulting a friendly services
d) Providing an environment conducive

Seksyen 7 Shah Alam
Business Card
Launching Day
give 50% discount for the first 500 gram washing apparel

give sample of dessert and beverages to be tasted
Member card
given to the customer at the first time they use our services
50% discount for the 6th time services
place in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam including in UNISEL and UiTM area
Competitor's advantages
Loyalty customers
Well known there
Business's advantages over competitors
Client full ranging of service
Café provided
Member Card
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