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Educational Applications

No description

Karim Elmansoury

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Educational Applications

Educational Applications
By Karim E. and Trace.

Uses of App.
The Educational Applications are used to educate and teach in a simpler way and it's also more mobile than most books and/or papers they're cheaper than books and magazines found in bookstores and/or any retail stores.
List of Apps, Top Paid and Free
1. This is my body.
2. CourseNotes.
3. iHomework
4. Mental Case.
5. Simple Flashcards.
6. iFlash.
7. Earth 3D.
8. PlanBook.
9. BookReader.
10. Type Fu

1. Typist
2. Smartr
3. 50 States and Capitals
4. Graphing Calculator Viewer
5. Assigner
6. Music Keys Pro (LT)
7. Preschool animal match
8. Typing fingers LT
9. Color by Numbers
10. Aa Match Preschool Alphabet
Top Apps are:
Poems by Heart: It helps memorize and find poems easily.

Cell and Cell Structure: An App that lets you explore the cells in organisms and lets you know what each object inside the cell is.

Dragon Box Algebra: A Mathematical App that tests your Algebraic skills!

Paper by FiftyThree: Is an App that lets students map out their ideas, might be also refered to as a notepad.
More Top App examples:
WWF Together: An App that lets you know about the exotic and endangered animals.

iBook: A built in App that is found on most iOS devices, used for reading Books & Magazines.

iTunes U: An App that can be downloaded from the App Store, basically offers online Lectures and videos all for free.
The final example of the Top Apps:
Edmodo: Let's you access your Edmodo account which could be used for saving notes and links that your teacher has gave you, they can also provide you with online homework or practice.

Duolingo: An App that helps you learn different languages easily.

Timetable: This App is used to organize your schedule for college.
App icons
cell and cell structure
iTunes U
Dragon box algebra
paper by fiftythree
WWF together
Poems by Heart
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