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The Institute for Demcoratic Education

No description

Democratic Education IDE

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of The Institute for Demcoratic Education

ןושארה הרומה ינשה הרומה ישילשה הרומה םייתועמשמה םישנאה
ךרדה ךרואל םיוושה תצובק הביבסה
ףתושמה בחרמה םירומה תשולש ןושארה הרומה ינשה הרומה םייתועמשמה םישנאה
ךרדה ךרואל ושורפ תומייק לש תונורקע תמדקמה ךוניח ריע תויהל
תוירחא תחקל
םירומה תעברא לע ינשה הרומה ישילשה הרומה Education City 100% people The story of the 3 (4) teachers We work closlely with many stakeholders Mayors Children Teachers Civil servants/ change agents Citizens Directors International projects Educational Innovation from a Democratic Point of View Keywords FOR CHANGE MAKING Fractals The role of the mayor How do you make a city-wide profound change? Walk the talk Focus on the needs of ALL stakeholders Protoyping Co-invent the desired future... ..and move fast to action Dialogue...Dialogue...Dialogue Here are few of the "secrets" we discovered at our work with cities. Cases Introduction to the Institute for Democratic Education Kdumim
"Daring to dream education" Hod Hasharon City Vision:
from school at the city, to city as a school:
urban learning spaces, social certificate, "real social network", sucess centers Ra'anana City
City future Cente
Innovation Incubator
School uniquness Jisr a-Zarka
Strategic mapping and visioning
Progam: Sea of Hope Significant
Adults THE FIRST TEACHER THE SECOND TEACHER GROUPS OF PEERS THE SUROUNDING ENVIRONMENT THE THIRD TEACHER THE FOURTH TEACHER I MYSELF Loris Malaguzzi Loris Malaguzzi, an Italian teacher and psychologist who founded the Reggio Emilia Approach in 1940,
developed Dewey's concept of "environment,"
and asserted that its educational impact takes place through the various interactions that individuals have with
it. A city that chooses to be an education city takes responsibility for these four teachers. The ripple effect: our way to develop the model An education city is a city that enables all its people to
express their uniquness
at the community they live in. Research Central Arava
Region as a school Students perceptions 50+ learning centers 1st 2nd 4th 3rd 3rd 4th 3rd Positive Qualitative results Evaluation report results Regional Leadership engagement and commitement
Pedagogical leadrship, teachers development and concpet development
The Pilot as a growth opportunity
Community engagement and awaekening
Process - meeting objectives, schedule.
The student personal expieence
and more... Report highlight some challanges The essence must be sharpen
Need to integrate learning centers with the regular curiculum
Better training of the high school teachers
and more... Qualitative results "New community concept was created and implemented"
Real collaboration between the stakeholders iwth the vision of co-leading a social change in the city"
A culture of dialogue
Regulairy, processes, strucutre in place
Improved quality of urban action - youth movement memebers as change agents in urban projects How? Green city
Mapping and connecting existing and new communal assets and energies Our work as well as many research works, point to a clear conclusuion RIDE-Research in Democratic Education A strong positive link between progressive* education and positive impact on the individual and the community in which she lives. A few interesting figures about progressive edcuation graduates: Higher grades at the formal system exams
85% go for higher education
70% volunteer, at least until the age of 30
Choosing profession out of passion, talent and desire to serve
Willingness to work with others
86% - work reflects their values
90% sense of control of one’s life.
85% - happy with their life.
More creative in problem solving, more curious
Inner motivation
100% - compassion
Less violent
Caring about and helping others *progressive means:
SEE the student

Encouraging to self-express and self-develop strength areas

Strong interactions between the student and the teachers/mentor

Using the space as a learning opportunity

Strong peer interactions

Encouraging self-learning ROE- Return on Education Haaretz, 15 FEb 12 Formal education results up
Inclusiveness up
Violence down
Real estate up
Local identity and pride up
Political dividend to the mayor - running to the top national leadership position Programs Vision overview Knowledge & Research The Band Training, Lecutres, Workshops The Umbrella IDE Knowledge Management group IDE tri-weekly Newletter Psik (Comma) Education City Knowledge Center The Lab The Knowledge Division of the institute collect, processes, and disseminate knowledge that is relevant for the various activities, and develops new information necessary for entrepreneurship. The knowledge is processed in various ways - as articles, white papers, training material, and new methodologies. Explores the state-of-art knowledge about twenty-first century education. Invitation You are most welcome to join us in this fascinating journey towards democratic
education! The Institute for Democratic Education is an organization for social change, that promotes democratic culture, based on the Convention on Human Rights. the community’s responsibility to bring to expression the uniqueness (strength, growth, and knowledge) of every individual
collaboration between people
interaction between the individual, the community, and the environment. optimism
critical thinking and activism
Collaboration A democratic culture is about: The Institute encourages: Future Centers Education Cities Evaluation Services Academic programs Educational Pioneers Co-creating a society Stars Personal Education Progressive schools Inter-linked programs Co-creating a society Headmasters IDE Team
Lectures & workshops at international conferences
Participating in OpenFutures - an European Community R&D project Organizing the conference of the international democratic education community, IDEC 2010
Lectures & workshops at international conferences Helping to set up institutes for democratic education in India, New Zealand, and the USA. Supporting an educational network in Treviso, Italy. Leading the intenrational Education City Knowledge Center Hosting explroation tours in Israel and organzing educational exploration tours abroad Personal Education IDE was engaged in innovative and reality-changing projects in more than 40 cities and regions. Here are a few examples IDE supports cities in this journey with systematic transfromation programs Creating a school system that sees each and every student as possessing:
individual talents
areas of strength,
and unique needs. Five Key questions 1. Where am I coming from? 5. How will I get there? 4. How would I know I’m there? 3. Where do I want to be? 2. Where am I today?
On-going dialogue generates varied learning options, forms of learning that are adapted to the student, learning contracts, and personal curricula. Our team helps to put in place a dialogue-based environment that enables growth for youth movements and organizations in the locality.

This creates an infrastructure for informal education partnerships.

The result - young people are enfolded from morning to evening, and an educational process that continues over years is created. Example: Hod Shasharon City - Real social Netwrok City wide youth movements programs Academy the Incubator for Educational Entrepreneurship - B.Ed. (with the Kibbutzim College) M.A. in education policiy, with a specialization in democratic education. (with Tel Aviv University) "Shvilim": Paths to educaiton, society and environment: B. Ed. (with Kay college) Educating Children with democratic spirit: a two years certification program for early childhood educators (with the Kibbutzim College) Educational Pioneers: leadership development for young teachers Future Centers Nes Zionna City Pisga Be'er Sheva Education future Center Ra'anana City future Center History Educational
Pioneers A program that identifies and trains top-quality educators to manage schools. It has two spheres:
wide-ranging academic training,
and practical training in pioneering schools*.
*schools that are undergoing a change process that are willing to become a beacon of educational innovation. Educational
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