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Leg Lengthening & Shortening

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Staci Brown

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Leg Lengthening & Shortening

Leg Lengthening & Shortening
What is it?
Changing the leg size of someone from either shortnening a really long leg or the opposite lengthen an abnormally short leg.

Also you can limit the growth of a normal leg to match a short leg to match the growing leg.

Pros & Cons:
This procedure helps those who have dwarfism.
Also for children whose bones are still growing.
When the growth plate has been destroyed the can perform this procedure.
Many risk can come with a surgery of this type.
Reaction to the medication
Possible infection
Poor bone healing
Nerve damage
Injury to the blood vessels
Bone Lengthening
Bone lengthening involves several different surgeries, also a long road to full recovery, and of course it involves a number of risk. This procedure can add up to six inches to a leg.
During the surgery you will be under a general anesthesia, which is when you are completely asleep and pain free during surgery.

The bone that is going to be lengthened is cut and metal pins are placed through the skin into the bone. These pins are placed above and below the cut in the bone. Stitches are then placed to close the wound. Lastly they place a metal device to the pins above the bone. This will later on be used to slowly pull the cut bone apart. By slowly, I am referring to months that it can take. Within the space that was created in between the bones during those months a new bone will be placed.
Once the leg is the desired length and healed you will then undergo another surgery to remove the pins.
Bone Removal
This takes place around the growth plates at each end of the long bones.
Once again you will be under a general anesthesia.
A cut will be made over the growth plate at the end of the bone in the longer of the two legs.
During the surgery the growth plate my be destroyed by scraping or drilling it to stop any further growth at that plate.

Another method is to put in staples on each side of the growth plate. The staples can be removed when the limbs are proportional.
Bone Lengthening
While you under go this surgery you will be under a general anesthesia.
The bone that is going to be shortened will be cut and a section of the bone is taken out. Each en of the bone that was cut will be joined together. Then a metal plate with screws is placed across the bone to hold it in place during the healing process.
Growth Restriction
Why should I go through with this procedure?
Can you feel the metal plate separating the cut bone?
How do I clean the wound area?
Are there any specific things that I need to do for the screw that goes through the skin into the bone?
How much time is required in the hospital after the first and second surgery?
Will the metal plate (that is placed between the two end of bone) ever be removed?
Is this a good surgery for my child to undergo?
How long would I need to stay of the leg?
Why do I specifically need this surgery?
Bone Removal
Is this necessary?
Does this only happen to one growth plate?
If not, which ones does it occur on?
Bone Growth Restriction
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