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Note taking strategies

Avoid plagiarizing research material by learning proper note taking strategies.

Nancy Brown

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of Note taking strategies

Note Taking Strategies for Research simple words or phrases Avoid plagiarism What is plagiarism? Record your notes as cavemen speak. Cavemen Talk Preddy, Leslie. "Cavemen Took Notes?" School Library
Activities Monthly. 25.4. p. 22-3. A. A deadly disease
B. Copying from others' work and
using it without giving them credit
C. Information that comes directly from
a person; like a diary or a letter
D. Laws that protect original work How can we avoid plagiarism? The Origins of Small Talk [video] (2009). Retrieved
February 23, 2011 from You Tube. 1. Give others credit for their original
work such as ideas, written work, art
work, photographs, music, etc.
2. Write notes in your own words.
3. Learn as much about a topic as you can before
creating your product, such as a report. Then,
it will be easier to use your own words.
4. Use sources that fit your reading level and that
are easy enough to understand. How can we paraphrase, or put notes in our own words? Let's practice cavemen talk note taking. What are the consequences of plagiarism? You'll feel embarrassed.
Your grade might get lowered or you'll have to do your project over.
You'll have to earn back others' trust.
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