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EAL & Maths

No description

Nikki Welsh

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of EAL & Maths

International School of The Hague
November 2013

Time - half/half past
Number formation
Signs and symbols
Estimation & Accuracy

Classroom Strategies
Visual aids
Pre-teach vocabulary
Vocabulary displays
MT translations
Using children's drawings to ascertain prior knowledge
Slower delivery
Extra processing time
Opportunity to explain how they worked, what strategies they know already
Break down word problems
Writing frames
Assessment modifications
Interactive, iPad games

Supporting EAL Learners in Maths
EAL Children and Maths
EAL & Mathematics
Why is Language Hard at Maths Time?
An opportunity!
Words take on
Special Meanings

Special Vocabulary
and then there
are those Prepositions
product of
divide product by
divide into
if x is 1 then...
volume, remain, value
We do it Differently!
Multiple Terms
Increase by
eg. by, of, if-then, etc.
A Maths Teacher is a Language Teacher too...
Cultural Differences in Maths
even Grammar
eg. use of the passive voice
It is divided by 6.
Divide by 6
Planning For Language
Spend 15 minutes with your year group
looking at a Maths lesson
Which vocabulary will be unfamiliar?
What language structures may be confusing?
How can you plan the learning of Mathematical language in this lesson?

calculate the volume of : cubicar (v)
calculation : el cálculo
calculus : el cálculo
Cartesian : cartesiano (adj)
case : el caso
central limit theorem : el teorema central del límite
chain : la cadena
chain rule : la regla de la cadena
chi-squared distribution : la distribución de chi-cuadrada
circle : el círculo
circumference : la circunferencia
class : la clase
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