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Ancient Greece: Gods And Goddesses

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Lexie Hill

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Greece: Gods And Goddesses

Ancient Greece: gods
and Goddesses!

Map of Greece!
located in modern day Europe
a peninsula with smaller peninsulas by it
has very mountainous regions
some known cities are Athens and Sparta
near the Mediterranean sea and Black seas
What are Gods?
are very powerful figures from Greek mythology
superhuman being or spirits worshiped by people
had power over human fortunes; a deity
very important people in our history today
known as heroes and superior powers
Names of some Gods and Goddesses
Zeus- King of the Gods
Hera- Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage
Athena- strategic in war, cunning wisdom, and pot making
Apollo-god of sun, truth, music, and poetry
Poseidon- the god of the sea and horses
Aphrodite- the goddess of love and beauty
Artemis- the goddess of hunting and archery
Ares- the god of war
Why were there Gods?
ancient greek people believed in them because they thought they somehow explained the world around them
the belief in gods also provided authority to greek people
since it's greek mythology, I believe it's so they can pass on stories through their family
I may pronounce some names of gods and goddesses wrong
Where did Gods Live?
Mount Olympus- a cloud palace
Mt. Olympus was tallest mountain in Greece then
sometimes gods sat on Mt. Olympus and watched over people in the town
sometimes interfered with what was going on
in the underworld with the god Hades
what did Gods do for Fun?
Since they were divine, they were pretty good at everything they tried
They went to plays very often
They played many sports such as discus, archery, wrestling, boxing, track and field, and more
Possibly played music and listened to music
What do Gods Eat?
not expected to eat or drink normal things like bread and water
they drank wine sometimes
ate ambrosia and drank nectar
W.H Roscher thinks they are both a type of honey
both ambrosia and nectar can be used as perfume
it is believed they ate and drank these things becuase it made the gods immortal and more powerful
What are Gods Capable of?
The god Zeus can throw thunderbolts at people or things
The goddess Hera kills and torments men
The god Apollo drove the sun across the sky everyday
The goddess Artemis could turn people into stags
The god Hermes can fly
Almost all gods had powers or superior abilities
Family Tree Facts!
family tree is very confusing, consisting of brothers and sister marrying each other
Zeus and Poseidon are brothers
Apollo and Artemis are brother and sister and twins
Ares is Zeus's and Hera's son
Zeus and Hera are brother and sister, but they are married
Fun Facts!
1. Name one god you have learned about and what they were god of?
2.What did gods and goddesses eat?
3.What was the god, Hermes capable of doing?
4. What is a modern sport that discus is similar to?
5. Are gods more powerful than normal people? Why?
The End!!!
Presented By: Lexie Hill
The Olympic games were dedicated to Zeus
Athena invented the chariot and the first ship
Artemis could heal or kill people when he wanted
Poseidon was known for his very bad temper
The god Poseidon married a nymph
The god Hades is uncle of more than half of the gods
click the link below for a quiz!
Here's a video of the Greek Gods and Goddesses
Timeline for Gods and Goddesses
1703 B.C
Cronus gets married to Rhea, ignoring the consequences and she gives birth to six kids, including Zeus.Cronus swallows his children so they don't overthrow him, but Rhea hides Zeus and Cronus swallows a rock in place of him.Zeus goes into hiding.
1703-1684 B.C
Zeus grows up in caves near a place called Lato, and when he was fully grown, he went to Cronus. He got Cronus drunk, thus making him vomit up his five kids that he swallowed.
1684 B.C
Zeus and his brothers and sisters fight Cronus in battle, along with some titans. For example, Prometheus and Epimethius sided with Zeus. Their brutal battle against their father lasts 10 long years.
1674 B.C
Zeus takes his sister, Hera as his wife takes victory in his battle with his father, Cronus. So, his brothers all get to be god of somewhere in the end. Zeus was god of the heavens, Hades was god of the underworld, and Poseidon was god of the sea.
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