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Urban Problems in Mong Kok

No description

Angela Lo

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Urban Problems in Mong Kok

Pollution (Noise)
Mong Kok is a mixed land area. There are many shops and restaurant there. Everyday, many vans consist many goods and food are delivered to different places in Mong Kok. Thus, the noise of the cars are polluted. Also, most of the restaurants in Mong Kok closed at midnight. However, there are still people in the restaurant. Therefore, the people who are chatting loudly are actually annoying the citizens which are living in Mong Kok.

Urban Problems of Hong Kong
Urban Decay

Environmental Problems
1. Actually, there's a "Environmental Protection Department in Mong Kok.
It is a Monitoring Station and it will check about what is the pollution around there at 24 hours time. 2. There are billboards, they will cause light pollution are night, many people and many buildings. The area is overcrowded.This makes the air circulation not good enough. To conclude/ to sum up/ As a conclusion, there are difficient urban problem in Mong Kok. Therefore the area is unfavourable.

Land use conflict
Mixed land use

> The land use conflict is common in MongKok. There are poor living environment and the limited land space. You can observe that many buildings are having a restaurant on the ground floor and residential on the upper floors when you walk on the street. Also, the food residues attract cockroaches, flies and rats, and this result in poor sanitation and poor living environment.
> Furthermore, limited land use due to the lack of land use planning of the government in the past.. The unventilated condition leads to a stuffy environment in the surrounding area and affect people’s health, especially for people who are suffering from heart disease. This urban problem cause the widening of the poor and the rich and the social stratification is more significant. 

Urban Problems in Mongkok
> Urban Decay > High Population

> Environment Problems > Traffic Congestion

> Land use conflict > Poor living environment
- Mixed land use

> Pollution
- Air
- Land
- Water
- Noise
Ways to improve
Water Pollution
Land Pollution
many shops that sell gold fish
always change the water in the fish tank
may discharge the dirty water to the gully on the street
may polluted the sea
many tuck shops in Mongkok
the shops don't have any siting area and rubbish bin for their customer
they may eat near the shop
throw their rubbish into the rubbish bin close to them
If the rubbish bin is full, the people may throw their rubbish on the ground
make the streets so dirty and messy.
High Population
Traffic congestion
Poor living Environment
Causes of these urban problems
• Many people in a small area
• Uneven distribution of population
• Poor urban planning in the past
• Rapid economic growth

Another major factor contributing to the congestion is the promotional activities over the area. Many promotional activities are set up in the pedestrian zone. They occupy the center of the street with their promotion boards and make the street narrower.

> make the good planning

(government)( land use conflict)
> widen road

(goverment)(traffic problems)
> The government can firstly demolish the building, Secondly, they can build some recreational facilities near the buildings. Thirdly, we can plant some trees to reduce the air pollution. We can build some new towns and alos build some noise barrier to reduce the noise pollution too.
(Mixed land use)
There are broken window, illegal structures, stains on the wall.The
building are too close, making the air circulation not good enough.
There is overcrowing problem. The building are not remaintained.
They are old and decayed.The urban decay problems will lead to
poor livivng environment/ condition in Mong Kok.
Pollution (Air)
The Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)
( From 21/11/2013 19:17)
Firstly, is it the overcrowding problem contributing to the air pollution problem in MongKok. Mongkok has the highest population density among the city. Therefore, there are quite a number of residential buildings there. The wall-like buildings are standing so close that they are actually blocking the air from flowing free, which may then worsen the air pollution as the particles cannot go with the air circulation. Besides, as there are actually many old building in MongKok, the use electricity not not be efficient The concentration of those particles is still high for a relatively long time when compared to other districts. This can no doubt pose heath risk to the public.
> With its extremely high population density of 130,000 person per km2 or 340,000 person per mi2, Mongkok was described as the busiest district in the world by the Guinness World Records.

Mong Kok is actually a very complex place which gathers a lot of different kinds of people. We can find rich people, poor people. We can find people with very high social status or people with comparatively lower social status. We can also find people who are polite and well educated or people who are very rude to the others.
A photo of Mongkok
> People are affected in the crowd and traffic congestion in Mong Kok. First of all, the travelling time of cars increases a lot due to the busy traffic. People who travel on bus to work have to spend more time and leaving their homes earlier, otherwise they will likely be late. Moreover, as the pavement is crowd, some people may walk on the road. This is dangerous and will definitely affect the driving of the drivers.
> When cars are picking up passengers on the road, they slow down the traffic and make the busy traffic worse. As a result of the above, Mong Kok suffers traffic jam in rush hours every day.

The streams emitted disturb the residents badly because the food residues attract cockroaches, flies and rats, and this result in poor sanitation and poor living environment. According to Orisun newspaper, in last year, the index of rodent problems raised to 8.8%, indicating the poor living environment in MongKok.
A cage home
A Road in Mongkok
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