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Pomsky Diamonds

No description

Maria Pomsky

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Pomsky Diamonds


Diamonds are hard colorless minerals and are very important to people. They are very expensive and not many people can afford to have diamonds in their house.

where diamonds come from

Diamonds come from caves. The caves the diamonds come from are usually underwater or in a river with a tunnel. They are very difficult to get because they are really deep in the caves. Only people that have special suit can only get the diamonds because, you need TNT or bombs to get them out of the cave. It is a difficult job but it pays off at the end.

What diamonds are used for

Diamonds are used for many things such as jewelery, clothes, shoes and even door knobs. But, to get a diamond door knob comes a great price. Many people like to have diamonds in their house rather for decoration or to make them look rich . They do look good as door knobs but they look the best when there on jewelery. They also make great gifts to loved ones or even a very close friend or just anyone you want to give a gift to.

By Maria Pomsky
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