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Donell Valdez

on 15 May 2013

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When Heinz found out that his father was arrested, he walked through the streets for 16 hours until he found the synagogues burning and smoke everywhere. The father has escaped arrest, but was sent to a concentration camp for six weeks. "So then Heinz's family was arrested, but him and Frank were sent to an internment camp. Heinz was forced out of Germany for being Jewish so now he was a German."- Survivor Stories Holocaust Survivor Stories Heinz Skyte Heinz was born on February 1920, he spent his childhood in Fuerth. He has one brother, and his father died at a Dachau concentration camp. Also, when he was a young boy, he went to a German grammer school. In addition, three weeks before Heinz's 13th birthday the Nazi army rose to power. Reason 2 Another important reason to share stories is to show that the survivors are never forgotten and will now be at peace till the end. Holocaust Story Background Info. Who Did You Pick And Why? Reason 1 It's important to share the stories of a Holocaust survivor because it shows that they were a survivor and a witness to the tragedy. Heinz Skyte I picked Heinz Skyte because his escape from Nazi Germany was sad and happy. Also, after he survives he lives a happy life. When he was in grammer school Heinz remembered that the Hitler Youth Leader told him and other children "We don't want Jews here". When he turned 16, he left school and started to work with his older brother, Frank. Later, Frank left Germany because he was reported having a relationship with a non-Jewish girl. Heinz was living in a student dig in Hamburg on Nov. 9th, 1938. Holocaust Story Continued Why Share the Stories of Survivors? Reason 3 And finally, it is important to tell stories of survivors so you can understand the pain and sadness they had during the Holocaust from their point of view. After the Holocaust "When Heinz left Germany, Frank managed to get him a trainee post in a clothing factory"(Survivor Stories). Heinz finally settled into his new job, and Frank and him discussed how to get their parents back. On August 27th they finally got them out of Nuremburg, three days before war broke out. A few months later when he returned from Canada, Heinz did war work and met a fellow Jewish refugee named Thea. They married each other after one year, and Heinz began work for the Jewish Welfare Board. http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/2.209/why-must-holocaust-survivors-tell-their-stories-1.281813
http://sfi.usc.edu/cms/?q=node/2366 Citations
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