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Buddhism Mahyana

No description

Michael Renfro

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Buddhism Mahyana

BUDDHISM What does it take to be a buddhist? What is a day like for a everyday buddhist? What is the ultimate goal in life for a buddhist? 1. Life is full of pain and suffering
2. Human desire causes this suffering
3. By putting an end to desire, humans can end suffering
4. Humans can end desire by following the Eightfold Path.

1. know pain and suffering is caused by desire.
2. Be selfless and love all life.
3. Dont lie, or speak with out cause.
4. Dont kill, steal, or commit unrighteous acts.
5. Do not promote evil with any actions taken.
6. Take effort to promote righteousness acts.
7. Be aware of your physical actions, state of mind, and emotions.
8. Learn to meditate. Eightfold path four nobel truths Follow the teachings of the elightened one. reincarnation The belife of dieing and coming back as something else. This happens untill one reaches nirvana, nirvana is best discribed as spiritual enlightenment. Nirvana and end all suffering The goal of a buddhist is to end all desire and in return ends all there suffering and then achieve nirvana or spiritual enlightenment. prayer and no desire Buddhist spend there day normally but have praying or meditaition and also seek out to end deisre and fix there suffering. sources www.regentsprep.org www.religionfacts.com I trust these websites because Mr. Denning had them on his website and the also seem legit. PICS; google image
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