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The Student Employment Process

No description

Elyse Alberti

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of The Student Employment Process

The Student Employment Process
Apply for the job by following the directions on the job listing.
Search the Job Database regularly for jobs you’re interested in.
Attend an NSEP Session
The Interview
Read the description on the listing and make sure that you are qualified and the job is right for you. Create or update your resume and cover letter for that specific position. Career Services can help you create your first resume and cover letter.
Click here to get
to the job database!
If you are selected for
an interview:
Prepare for the interview, think of questions that you might be asked, show up on time and be confident!
If you are not selected for
an interview:
Keep applying to jobs and you will get one that's right for you!
Don’t give up!
You got the job!
Decide if you would like to accept the position. Contact your supervisor to accept or deny the position.
You didn't get the job...
Don’t give up!
Keep applying to jobs and you will get a position that's right for you!
Required Documents
Some examples of documents are:
Original Passport (unexpired)
Original Social Security Card with a Driver’s license (unexpired)
Sign up here!
Keep Track of your hours!
You may start working after you attend a New Student Employee Program. You will need to keep track of the days and hours that you worked because you will be responsible for logging those hours into Parnassus so you will be paid.
Log in to Parnassus
Having trouble
logging in?
Click here to get
to Parnassus!
See Parnassus Login for help logging in to Parnassus!
Want a job on Campus?
Was Federal Work Study part of your Financial Aid package?
Check the Payroll Schedule
This shows:
Pay periods-
Bi-weekly time period that runs from Monday to Sunday
Approved timecard due by date-
This is the date and time when you need to not only submit your timecard but to also have it approved by your supervisor(s). It is recommended that you submit your timecard on the last day worked in the pay period to allow your supervisor(s) enough time to view and approve your timecard.
Pay date-
The date when you are scheduled to be paid
Click here to get to the Payroll Schedule
Create a Timecard!
Login to Parnassus and create a new timecard. Enter your hours for that pay period. Make sure to submit your timecard by the date on the Payroll Schedule.
Need help creating a timecard?
See the Timecard Entry document for a step by step guide on timecard submission.
Make sure your supervisor(s) have approved your timecard!
Even if you submit your timecard on time, you will not be paid unless all of your supervisors (if you have multiple jobs) approve your timecard. You will be able to see this on Parnassus when the "Timecard Status" changes from Submitted to Approved. You will also get an email notification after all of your supervisors have approved your timecard. If your timecard does not get approved, you cannot be paid on the pay date, so ask your supervisors nicely to remember to approve your timecards in before the "Approved by" date.
Sign up for Direct Deposit
It is recommended that you sign up to have your paychecks Direct Deposited into your bank account however, it is not required. Having Direct Deposit will ensure your pay is available to you the morning of the scheduled payday. If you choose to receive a paper check instead, it will be sent via mail to your local address (the one that is recorded in HOMER) on the morning of the scheduled payday. Please be aware that this process may take an additional 2-3 days before you will receive your paper check.
Need help setting up Direct Deposit?
See the Guide to Direct Deposit Document to help you set it up.
Continue to enter your hours for every pay period and

Get Paid!
View your Payslip
You can view your payslip on Parnassus beginning the Thursday before the Pay Date.
Understand your Payslip
Here is information to help you understand your payslip.
Like Ithaca College Student Employment for updates on new jobs posted, as well as helpful tips on getting a job.
Now that you got hired for a job you will need to sign up for and attend an NSEP (New Student Employee Program) session BEFORE you can begin working. This session is only for students who have just received a job and who have never worked at IC before. To complete the required paperwork, you will need to bring to the session, unexpired and original documents for the I-9 employment verification. If you do not have them, you will need to wait to attend a session until you do.
Didn’t get awarded Federal Work Study as part of your Financial Aid package?
Get ready to Apply
Click here for more resume help from Career Services
Remember, work study is not a guarantee of a job or money, you still must search, apply and get hired for a job to be able to start earning that money. Also, any money you earn for the hours you work does not go directly to your tuition bill, it will be paid directly to you in the form of a paycheck and how you choose to spend it is up to you! You are paid by Ithaca College, however the money you are paid is being subsidized by the Federal Government.
That’s OK
, every student on campus has equal opportunities to get hired for jobs that are available on campus. You are still eligible to search, apply and get hired to be able to start earning money. You are paid by Ithaca College and none of it is subsidized by the Federal Government.
Parnassus is the payroll system that Ithaca College uses to pay student employees. In Parnassus, you will be able to submit a timecard for the hours you worked, add direct deposit to have your pay directly put into your bank account and view your current and past Payslips and W-2 forms. You will have access to this system only after you attend an NSEP session and beginning on or after your first day of employment. If you cannot access the system after your first day of work and you have attended an NSEP session, please contact your supervisor to see if they submitted an assignment for you to add you to the system.
Here is a complete listing of acceptable documents:
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