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John venn

No description

Mikaela Brough

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of John venn

Ever seen this? It was created by a man named John Venn He Opened a Whole World Of mathematical possibilities New Pathway To Johns Life story Pathway to discovering his early works Pathway To his venn diagram His Life Story. John Venn was born in Hull, Yorkshire, August 4, 1834 his mother Martha Skyes, died wen John was only 3. His father was, at the time of is birth, the rector of the parish.
John was going to follow his family into priesthood, but when he went to college he fell in love with literature. after two years of study, he was awarded a mathematics scholorship, and graduated as the sixth wrangler in the mathematical tripos of 1857. Later he was ordained a deacon, and even later, a priest.
he returned to Cambridge university as a lecturer in moral sciences.
In 1867 Venn married Susanna Carnegie Edmonstone.
They had one child, a son John Archibald Venn.
He died on 4 April 1923, in Yorkshire. He entered schools such as Gonville and Caius College, in Cambridge, and he also attended highgate school. Venn's main area of interest was logic and he published three texts on the subject. He wrote the book "The Logic of Chance". This book introduced frequency theory of probability . Another book was "symbolism logic", which introduced Venn Diagrams, which will be discussed later. He then published the book, The Principles of Empirical Logic, which is self explanatory.
John Venns Early Works This is a venn diagram It's John Venns most famous work. The venn diagram can be used to contrast and compare, two sets of data. For example if I was comparing two shapes such as this I can use a venn diagram to compare the shapes, such as this. Circle Triangle Both 1 edges 3 edges no vertices 3 vertices are shapes are regular shapes rounded sharp edges 3 equal sides no sides In the circle and triangle circles are for the things that they each individually have that the other does not. In the both section it is the similarties. This is john venns design, that has impacted today in the class room, because in math we contrast different sets of data useing a venn diagram. It is a great organizer, that is helpful, in todays society, everywhere. Overall... John Venn has Created things that have impacted society, and our world! But his seemingly enourmous contributions are just a small amount, in the GIANT world of mathematics. Bibliography http://www.gap-system.org/~history/Biographies/Venn.html http://en.wikipedia.org
/wiki/John_Venn http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Mathematicians/Venn.html I used no books, I used no books, The internet is our savior! to discover miniscule details, no one notices.
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