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Ch. 2 NT World of Jesus

No description

Kelsie Bordelon

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Ch. 2 NT World of Jesus

Chapter 2
New Testament World of Jesus
Section 1: Map of Israel
Section 3: Sacred Places and Traditions
Section 4: Basic Political Hierarchy
"Promised Land"
Jesus, where ya from?
Sea of Galilee
Large bodies of water = fear, death, unknown!
Mount Moriah
Jordan River
Baptized AD 28 - ministry kickoff
Coastal Plain
Greek and Roman influence
= Far from God; loneliness and evil
Region of Samaria
Site of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well
Region of Judea
Mount Gerazim
Kidron Valley
Church of the Nativity
Church of the Holy Sepulchre AD 30 or 33
= Jesus' hometown
Mount of Precipice
Section 2: Language and Dialect
America's Dialect
Helps with Jesus' origin
What language did Jesus speak?
Jesus likely knew 3 languages
1.) Aramaic
2.) Hebrew
3.)Koine Greek
Less common
Spoken in Judea
Jesus = some
Semitic language
Spoken in Galilee
Jesus' main language
Sounded like this
"Common" language
Trading = useful
Jesus = ish
1.) Place of worship
2.) Court
3.) School
From the Greek word for "assembly"
Similar to local Church: Jewish parish
In New Orleans
God's House
Only 1 Temple in Jerusalem
Place of Sacrifice & Atonement
Sacrifices -
1.)Key part of the service:
2.) Main day of worship =
Why do Christians worship on Sundays?
How does Jesus change the meaning of Passover? (what is he doing different?)
Passover "retold"
Other Jewish Feasts
Remember reliance in desert
Feast of Dedication
Celebrate Torah & 10 Commandments
Tiberius Caesar
Section 5: Religious Sects
Scholars and middle class laymen
Experts of Law - strict observance
Criticized by Jesus
Closest to Jesus
Priests & Aristocrats
ONLY Torah
No angels, No Resurrection, no immortality of soul
Strick Monks
Qumran = monastery
Foreign power
Militant Rebels
Group Work!
Research the following places in your book and using the internet
Note why each was important to Jesus
Include pictures and events that happened at each place/how they relate to Jesus
Every group will have to present on at least one place
Jordan River
Pontius Pilate
Different Sayings of Jesus
Aramaic Language
1.) Parallel statements: Mt 5:42
Ex. Be loud at gym day and shout all the cheers
2.) Comparisons: Luke 14:26
Ex. This class is the class of all classes
3.) Exaggerations: Mt 19:24
Ex. I'm so hungry, I could eat a million hamburgers

Sea of Galilee
1.) Bell Ringer:
Go to Canvas discussions and answer the question entitled "Vacation"

2.) Objective:
We will look at the important parts of Jesus’ world in order to better understand more about Him.
3.) Prayer
Name that Place!
It's Jesus' birthday! Let's go visit where he was born!
Let's go downtown. Everything is happening here...it's the center of commerce. Plus, I think Jesus tried to minister to people here, but he was rejected.
Many fishermen, traders, and market men lived because it was close to a popular body of water.
How about a visit to the city where Jesus was almost thrown off of a mountain!
Mount Olives
Mount of Olives
(view from Jerusalem)
1.) Bell ringer:
Canvas discussion Languages

Students will distinguish between the many languages spoken during Jesus' time
3.) Prayer
4.) Homework check

1.) What are the 3 forms of speech that biblical scholars discovered when they translated Jesus’ words from Greek back to Aramaic?

2.) Why was Hebrew common in Jerusalem (the region of Judea)?

3.)What is Jesus’ native language?
CHECK POINT # 1: “How you doin’?”

1.) Which of the different religious sects did not believe in the resurrection?

2.) What religious sect did St. Paul belong to?

3.) Which of the 4 sects were associated with the dead sea scrolls?

4.)Why were the essenes associated with the dead sea scrolls?
Check Point
Praying in Color
Intercessory prayer - praying for others
Write the name of someone you want to pray for
Focus on that person
Say verbal prayers if they come to you
Write other words around the name or shape
Say a short prayer for the person or "Amen" and move to the next person
Jesus says
“My yoke is easy and my burden is light” – but many of us, and the people we know, are weighed down by the burdens of life."
-Matthew 11:30

As we gather together
Lord, help us to concentrate on you
As we put aside the things that distract us
Lord, help us to concentrate on you
As we leave behind the things that worry us
Lord, help us to concentrate on you
As we forget about ourselves
Lord, help us to concentrate on you
As we worship you with songs of praise
Lord, help us to concentrate on you
As we listen to stories from your Word
Lord, help us to concentrate on you
As we hear your teaching
Lord, help us to concentrate on you
An Opening Prayer
Bless Yahweh, my soul,
from the depths of my being, his holy name;
bless Yahweh, my soul,
never forget all his acts of kindness. (Psalm 103)
Closing Prayer
Who are the important people of Jesus' time?
Part of Sanhedrin
Believe in angels, Resurrection, afterlife
Disagreed with Jesus
What was the political climate and who were the major players during the time of Jesus?

Economic Setting
-Roman rule
-Pharisees and Sadducees

Emperor of the Roman Empire
Top dog!
Double Trouble: Two Herods
Herod the Great
Herod Antipas
-King of Israel
-Tetrarch of Galilee
-Pretended to like Jews
-Kingdom divided
-Ruled during time of Jesus
-Killed JTB
-Loyalty to Rome; Peace
-Governor of Judea
-Ordered Jesus' Crucifixion
-Appointed by Emperor
-Did not govern directly
Check point!
How you doin?
1.) Did the Jewish people like Roman rule?
2.) What is the name of the Emperor of Rome?
3.) What's the name of the religious governing party?
What are the most sacred places and traditions within the Jewish religion?
Anyone witnessed these scenarios?
Does the Temple still exist?
1.) What type of occasion do you think this is meant to be? How can you tell?
2.) From the video, what would you say are the most important parts?

Check Point!!!
How you doin?
1.) What is the main difference between a Jewish Synagogue and a Temple?
2.) Describe the most important Jewish feast.
3.) What is the difference between the Jewish and Christian Sabbath?
4.) Describe the relationship between jews and Roman authority.

Find a partner and draw your favorite holiday.....but with your eyes closed!! Your partner will try to guess which one you are drawing.
Bell Ringer:
"Anything big enough to occupy our minds is big enough to hang a prayer on." George Macdonald
What is your response to this quote?What do you think it means? How can you apply this to your life?
Activity: Modern Day Religious Sects
With your pod, find examples of modern day sects that compare to the ones in Jesus' day
In our class shared folder, please answer the following (Save document under your name)
what's the key part of our service?
MOST important!!!!
What is your Church like?
Cana (khirbet)
Abba = ?
Golgotha = ?
It's all Greek to me!
Agreed with Rome - concerned with politics over religion
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