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The Ethics of Life Support Withdrawal

Analyzing the morality of life support removal from religious, legal, and medical standpoints.

Anne Farrow

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Ethics of Life Support Withdrawal

The Ethics of Life Support Withdrawal Is it murder? It depends on who you ask... The Catholic Church has mixed feelings. Medicine says that it is not. The law says that it is not. I say that no, it is not murder. What is "death"? Death is equivalent to
brain death, or a loss
of all brain activity. This definition was
accepted by the
legal, medical, and
religious sources
that I cited. What exactly IS
life support? The law says that it is not. I feel that it is not. Other things that life support
removal is NOT: +Euthanasia +Physician assisted suicide It is any measure taken to
artificially prolong life. Who should decide? DNR's & Living Wills Surrogate decision-maker Physician Vegetative states paralyzing agents Summary
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