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Changing the Ways of Future Technology

It's up to younger generations to change the ways of our technology use in the future and how we use it in education.

Casey H

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Changing the Ways of Future Technology

Pandora is a persoanlized internet
radio that is designed to help you
discover music you'll love from music
you already know. Future technology in the classrooms It's up to younger generations to change technology use in classrooms and I can start by showing you how we can use different web 2.0 websites in the classroom. Blogs Ex. 1: You can use blogs for absent students that way assignments are easily accessible.
Ex. 2: You can communicate
information with parents.
Like field trips ,field trip forms,
and classroom guidelines. Twitter Pandora Flickr Google Docs ThinkQuest Prezi Glogster ThinkQuest is an online
learning platform that
helps students develop
important 21st century
skills, including
communication, critical
thinking, and technology skills.

Instead of using paper you could use blogs in the classroom here are 2 examples You can use ThinkQuest for turning in assignments and for finding assignments. Google docs is a great website for writing that school papers drawings,and spreadsheets.While doing you can peer revise with your friends. SchoolTube Schooltube is a website where teachers can get school appropriate videos. This video shows how to use google docs in the classroom. Twitter is another 2.0 concept
that you could access anywhere
that has internet.You mcould use
this in the classroom for assigning
projects or as on social studies teacher
did putting journal entrys in each day for
his class.It's a creative way that you can
interact with students and other teachers. Prezi is another Web 2.0 website that you
could use in the classroom.Prezi is a website
that allows you to make fun fun creative presentations
that can be accessed anywhere. Here is a short video that
shows you how to use prezi. Web 2.0 Web 2.0 also called the read/write web
came around 1999.Web 2.0 is associated
with web applications that share information. Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application that you can access anywhere.Flickr could be used for a photo essay. Glogster is a website where you can make glogs.
The glogs are like online posters that you can access anywhere.Here is a quick toutorial on how to make one.
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