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Building the Bridge

Middle school

Molly McCaskell

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Building the Bridge

Follow the Leader What are your goals? Write three to five Things you like most about yourself Write three to five Things you want in a friend
The Ugly Truth
Behind the lens Situation Activity My Side of the Room Marry a Dog Would you ... fried frog legs Have you been bullied, or Have you seen someone being bullied? Yes No Have you ever been pressured into doing something you weren’t “okay” with? Yes No Have you heard of anyone being pressured to go drink? Yes No If a best friend told you to do something negative would you go along with it? Yes No Have you heard of people that have stolen either for themselves or for their friends? Yes No Questions? Wrestle an alligator Would you... Hug a Bear Fight a Tiger Chocolate covered Grasshoppers Would you eat ... Join SADD !
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